Apex Performance Demo

Gaining "in the moment" business insight is only possible if your analytics can be smarter and faster. That means shifting to "the left" for analytics of data in motion, ahead of storing data.  

Here's a live demonstration comparing the performance between Apache Apex™, Apache Apex™ with Store and Query, and Apache Spark™ Streaming when processing identical data to illustrate the lag between data in motion and data at rest for getting actionable insights. Faster data analytics on fresher data means greater business value.

Apex Performance
Wins Performance
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Apache Apex™ reads from Kafka and uses an in-memory store. Apache Apex™ with Storage reads from and writes to Kafka and Apache Spark™ Streaming uses micro-batching to do the same. We pick a winner based on which application aggregates all events generated against a given timestamp & calculate latency numbers with the numbers for the winner as the baseline.

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