Fast Big Data Use Cases

More Use Cases, More Outcomes

Real-time analytics applications deliver the power to predict and act, delivering business outcomes to drive revenue, improve efficiency, increase satisfaction and protect your business. DataTorrent makes it easy to quickly deploy enterprise-ready fast big data applications. Once one applications is deployed other use case can follow with minimal development time, but that's just the start. Data can be shared across multiple applications delivering more powerful insight and action and greater scale. Check out some of the more popular use cases below and see how you can accelerate your business through real-time analytics.

DataTorrent Apoxi
DataTorrent Apoxi

Made Possible By APOXI™ Framework

DataTorrent Apoxi is a framework that uniquely binds mico data-services to create optimized, pre-built apps and can also integrate independent apps allowing them to share data resulting in more powerful insight and action. Apoxi also makes it significantly easier to build and manage big data applications at scale.