Shifting Left is Easier than Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Most companies use an Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) model for analytics that was likely implemented a good handful of years back with the "then" established technologies. Throwing everything blindly into a data lake and poking at the data and calling this a sorted answer is analogous to doing the robot dance at a family gathering [...]

Guy Churchward | 
May 22nd, 2017|Big Data in Everyday Life|0 Comments

Smashing Industry Myths and Introducing a Killer Customer Adoption Program

It's been a fantastic voyage back to the complex and exciting world of data analytics. I’ve learned that it doesn't matter what the latest trend is, Big Data, Machine Learning, IoT, Fog Computing… everything seems to loop back to the critical need for analytics. And when I say analytics, I mean real-time analytics, not real-time [...]

Guy Churchward | 
May 17th, 2017|Big Data in Everyday Life|0 Comments

Time Stands Still for No Man

'And te tide and te time þat tu iboren were, schal beon iblescet' Yup that makes absolutely no sense to me either but it’s pre-English language and is the first literal use of “time stands still for no man.” Things seem to be moving at an increasing pace now, and nothing epitomizes this more than [...]

Guy Churchward | 
May 15th, 2017|Big Data in Everyday Life|0 Comments

“Just Gotta Have It”

There are moments in life when you see something and think “I gotta have one of those”… The first time I remember this happened to me (outside of Refresher chews, Zoom lollipops, and a Knickerbocker glory) was with my dad when we visited a friend of his in a little English village called Elston. His [...]

Guy Churchward | 
May 9th, 2017|Big Data in Everyday Life|0 Comments

Real-Time Analytics vs. Real-Time Analytics

Being now back and totally immersed in the world of data analytics and the subtleties of streaming, real-time, at rest, batch, micro-batch, etc., it continues to amuse me to see the gap between vendor marketing and reality. Not to mention the delta between customers assumptions and the reality of their current solutions. To help bridge [...]

Guy Churchward | 
May 3rd, 2017|Big Data in Everyday Life|0 Comments

SQL on Apache Apex

History Big Data has an interesting history. In the past few years, massive amounts of data have been generated for processing and analytics, and enterprises have been facing problems processing ever increasing data size. In order to process this increasing data size, the way was to scale up but scaling up was costly and resulted [...]

Chinmay Kolhatkar | 
January 13th, 2017|Big Data in Everyday Life|2 Comments

Getting Stack Traces in Apache Apex Applications

Stack trace is one of the most used techniques to debug an application. In the Java world, JStack is the most ubiquitous tool used to get a stack trace from a single JVM. When it comes to Apache Apex or any other distributed system, it is not easy to get a stack trace, as application [...]

Sandesh Hegde | 
December 21st, 2016|Big Data in Everyday Life|1 Comment

Machine Learning on Apache Apex with Apache SAMOA

Introduction Apache SAMOA is an open source platform for mining big data streams. SAMOA features a Write-Once-Run-Anywhere (WORA) architecture which allows multiple Distributed Stream Processing Engines (DSPEs) to be integrated into the framework. In this blog, we’ll describe the integration with Apache Apex which is a YARN native, unified batch and stream processing engine. Apache [...]

Bhupesh Chawda  | 
December 9th, 2016|Big Data in Everyday Life|1 Comment

Deploy and Manage DataTorrent RTS using Ambari

Many organizations choose Apache Ambari for simplifying their Hadoop operations. Ambari provides an easy way to configure and manage a Hadoop platform and it’s services. DataTorrent RTS being a Hadoop native platform makes a good candidate. Considering this, DataTorrent has added support for Ambari, ambari- DataTorrent-service, to install and manage DataTorrent RTS platform using Ambari. [...]

Priyanka Gugale | 
November 15th, 2016|Big Data in Everyday Life|0 Comments

Throughput, Latency, and Yahoo! Performance Benchmarks. Is there a winner?

Yahoo! benchmark Over the last year, Big Data Streaming computation engines such as Apache Apex, Apache Flink, Apache Spark (Spark Streaming), Google Dataflow and many others gained significant popularity among software development community and business users as such platforms provide additional capabilities that batch processing engines cannot deliver. There is a large number of use [...]

Vlad Rozov | 
November 12th, 2016|Big Data in Everyday Life|0 Comments