GE Predix Supercharging IoT with Apache Apex

 Years ago when I was a data analyst, my responsibility was to analyze machine-generated data to troubleshoot system errors. I would present the findings based on the analysis so the engineering team can modify their design and the technicians can adjust their calibration. When I needed data, the technician had to dress up, go into [...]

Jie Wu | 
December 17th, 2015|Technical|0 Comments

Real Time Streaming for Advertising Technology

This is a blog to summarize and recap the presentation made by the PubMatic team at the Apex Meetup on Nov 19 2015, at MapR office in San Jose.In this meetup, Dev Tagare from PubMatic shared their real time use cases and showed how PubMatic is leveraging real time and near real time business decision [...]

Charu Madan | 
December 15th, 2015|Technical|1 Comment

Real Time Analysis in Network Security

Big Problem - Cyber Threats How secure is your network? And your data? Was your network breached recently? Has confidential information been compromised? Even when almost everybody agrees to the part that Network Security is a vital organ of the IT infrastructure system. Yet, there are newer worries that underline just how critical it is [...]

Pradeep Dalvi | 
December 10th, 2015|Technical|1 Comment

Expedite Kafka data ingestion with Apache Apex

-- Know how the Kafka Input Operator consumes messages from Kafka to Apex applications For successful launch of fast, big data projects, try DataTorrent’s AppFactory. Apache Apex (incubating)  supports  high availability, fault tolerance, low latency, and high scalability. But what is all this without valuable input?  Just like luxury cars need high quality fuel, Apex [...]

Siyuan Hua | 
December 8th, 2015|Technical|1 Comment

An Accelerated, Simplified and Scalable Approach to Fuel Your Big Data Projects

Fast Big Data To conduct meaningful analytics, first you need to collect all the necessary, relevant data to feed to your model. But gathering data from multiple disparate sources can be an extremely messy, time consuming task. Big Data, often (in)famously characterized with its unprecedented speed, volume and format, adds more complexity to this [...]

Jie Wu | 
December 3rd, 2015|Technical|0 Comments

Security Considerations for YARN Based Distributed Applications in Hadoop

For successful launch of fast, big data projects, try DataTorrent’s AppFactory. Hadoop is a distributed system comprising many components such as multiple nodes, different services and user applications. Security in this environment is multi-faceted and requires authentication between the different components as they communicate with each other. There are back-end components such as Hadoop services, [...]

Pramod Immaneni | 
December 1st, 2015|Technical|0 Comments

E-Tailers and Advertisers – Get Ready for a Real-Time Race This Holiday Season

Now that Black Friday is behind us, merchants are busy calculating the sales figures from the Thanksgiving weekend and  gearing up for the Cyber Monday. Early statistics show that although the sales on Black Friday at brick and mortar stores has fallen compared to that in 2014, the online sales jumped 14% from the prior [...]

Jie Wu | 
November 30th, 2015|Technical|0 Comments

Debugging in the Console

DataTorrent RTS is a set of tools that augment the Apache Apex engine (incubating at the time of this writing). One of those tools is the DataTorrent Console, a web-based interface that allows you to assemble, launch, debug, and monitor your Apex applications. The best way to get started with the Console is to download [...]

Andy Perlitch | 
November 24th, 2015|Technical|0 Comments

Real Time Bidding with DataTorrent RTS — from the DSP’s chair

Real Time Bidding (RTB) is here to stay. Not surprisingly, it is touted as the revolution that is transforming the very way online advertising works. Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) have a lot at stake, especially so, when in midst of a bidding cycle. DSPs can now leverage  DataTorrent RTS to produce accurate and valuable bids [...]

Shubham Pathak | 
November 19th, 2015|Technical|0 Comments

Operability — The Graveyard of Big Data Projects

How Apache Apex saves your big data dream from the grave In September, I published a blog about Apache Apex (incubating), and how it helps enterprises leverage big data in many more ways than before. In that blog, I had mentioned that it's now  time to productize big data. In this blog, I will discuss [...]

Amol Kekre | 
November 17th, 2015|Technical|1 Comment