fast big data

Fast Big Data

To conduct meaningful analytics, first you need to collect all the necessary, relevant data to feed to your model. But gathering data from multiple disparate sources can be an extremely messy, time consuming task. Big Data, often (in)famously characterized with its unprecedented speed, volume and format, adds more complexity to this process.

To cope with the challenge, organizations today have to leverage different sets of tools to integrate, transform and deliver various data sources scattered in different systems, sometimes from different locations. This approach inevitably causes operational silos and inefficiency. Dealing with tools that are not integrated is only the first challenge, the entire data plumbing process ‘ from initial deployment, configuration to the final production requires multiple demanding skill sets that are hard to fulfill today. Without the right solution, those projects could take months and sometimes multiple years to complete, adding huge cost to the business.

For companies looking to leverage both data at rest and data in motion to perform advanced analytics such as predictive analytics and real-time analytics, one of the major hurdles is to be able to quickly ingest both real-time data streams and data at rest to fuel the downstream applications. But fast data ingestion is only the first step, a well-designed data processing solution should also help you identify anomalies in the data as it’s being generated, allow you to take quick actions to deal with such event before it is too late. The real-time data capturing, monitoring and alerting capabilities are critical for addressing use cases such as real-time fraud detection, predictive maintenance and digital campaign optimization.  

Fast at Scale

Fast at Scale

The team at DataTorrent loves to help you with  your  big data project. DataTorrent RTS stems from open source Apache Apex, an industry-proven, enterprise-grade, unified batch and streaming analytics platform. It is blazingly fast- capable of processing billions of events per second, extremely fault tolerant with zero data loss, and super easy to use and manage. Our platform has been deployed to some of the industry leaders in ad-tech, IoT and utility space to help solve their most challenging business problems. Join us for a live webinar on Dec. 10, to see DataTorrent RTS in action!  We look forward to helping you concur your big data challenges!

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