Since Apache Apex got accepted into Apache incubation on August 17th, we have seen significant momentum in our community growth. Here are a few stats:

  • Apex Meetup membership grew to more than 1000 in less than 4 months since inception with highest weekly growth rate recorded at 26.73%. Our Meetup groups spread all over N. America and India (see below);
  • Apex Twitter follower # grew to ~1400 since inception;
  • Our dev mailing list has 86+ active partipants and we just announced a new users mailing list for the users who want to build apps and solutions using Apache Apex;
  • # JIRA’s has risen to 1722  and # forum emails has risen above 1100;
  • 36 Committers with growing contributor base;
Apache Apex Meetup Map with 1029 members in 13 groups on Dec 29, 2015

Apache Apex Meetup Map with 1029 members in 13 groups on Dec 29, 2015

Ever since incubation, we, the community, have been working diligently to address the key features requested by open source developer community.   On October 27th, Apache Apex Core 3.2, which was the first release after incubation, was released.   This was followed by the first Apache release of the Malhar operator library on Nov 16th.   For the next release, the community can expect more improvements, including:

  • APEXCORE-3: Addition of modules, which are pre-wired operators for complex operations
  • APEXCORE-60: Addition of iterative processing for machine learning so that models can be retrained and re-applied

The next release of Malhar is expected to have support for Kafka 0.9, NiFi, Geode and more, to expand the already broad coverage of connectors and operators. We are also working on the roadmap for Apex for 2016 and would love to see your ideas and suggestions added. Please see the roadmap and participate in discussions on our mailing lists.

The Apache Apex community is growing and we expect the momentum to become stronger in 2016.   As mentioned above, our users mailing list has been approved and we expect the users to come up with many more use cases to share with us.   In 2015, CapitalOne and PubMatic have shared their use cases in Meetups.   If interested, you can find the recordings or slides below:

Capital One Talk


2015 has been a blessing for Apache Apex.   With your energy and help, we expect to see even more momentum in 2016.   JOIN US:

Again, we expect Apache Apex to climb more peaks in 2016.  Please stay tuned and more announcements will be made through our announcement page.