This year, DataTorrent presented the first ever Apex Big Data World users conferences in Pune, India and Mountain View, California. We had over 400 folks who attended each conference and close to 70 speakers representing various industries that are playing in the big data space. From retail companies looking to gain a competitive advantage with real-time inventory tracking to forward-looking engineers utilizing big data pipelines to generate a diabetes medicine recommendation engine for dosage, everyone had a story to tell about their experience with big data. Video recordings of conference sessions are available to watch on our YouTube channel: ABDW17-Pune & ABDW17-Mountain View. In the meantime, we wanted to bring you the highlights from both Apex Big Data World conferences below.

Top Ten Takeaways from Apex Big Data World 2017:

  1. Human maintenance utilizing big data is on the horizon
    Finding new ways to utilize the power of big data analytics is always exciting to see and a huge motivation to big data users. With an estimated 300+ million diabetes patients worldwide, there is definite room for improvement on the treatment side until a cure is found. This session explores a particular use case in which big data pipelines are being utilized to create a diabetes medication dosage recommendation engine.

    Real-Time Diabetes Medication Recommendation Engine by Jayaradha Natarajan, Software Engineer – Big Data, GE & Arivoli Tirouvingadame, Software Architect

  2. How eCommerce stays in stock: Real-time manufacturing traceability
    We are all too familiar with the increasing number of product recalls in the consumer tech space. The billions of dollars that are lost across countless industries due to human error or manufacturing defects can potentially be saved utilizing real-time manufacturing traceability. This session focuses on the economics of today and in particular, the emerging criticality of supply, demand, inventory management, and how to trace all of it in real-time, from a big data perspective.

    Manufacturing Process Traceability with Apache Apex by Roshan Kulkarni, CEO, Mindstix Software Labs

  3. Architectural requirements for the data workloads of tomorrow have changed forever
    This wouldn’t be a big data blog if there was no mention of a data lake or the ever-growing footprint of data in your organization. Focusing on the immense data workloads of tomorrow, this session dives into the necessary requirements of big data architectures for the future.

    Emerging Data Architectures for Next-generation Workloads by Milind Bhandarkar, CEO, Ampool, Inc.

  4. AdTech is gaining a competitive advantage by harnessing the power of real-time analytics
    “Real-time” is a term that gets thrown around from industry to industry; taking on several different meanings along the way. In the world of Advertising Technology (AdTech), true real-time analytics is the only way to maximize ROI while remaining agile and this session walks you through PubMatic’s path to success living in that space.

    PubMatic: Real-Time Analytics for Actionable Insights at PubMatic by Kunal Umrigar, Senior Architect, PubMatic & Amit Kumar, Sr. Principal Software Engineer, PubMatic

  5. One (big data application) size does not fit all
    “One (big data application) size does not fit all.” This should be a warning sticker on every enterprise big data application in the market today. It takes several components to make up a big data application and not all of them speak the same language. Most of the time, one discovers this issue after committing to a technology and making a purchase decision – welcome to a data engineer’s nightmare. This session walks you through the pitfalls and challenges of building an enterprise big data application from scratch – an issue that DataTorrent aims to solve!

    Compression, Streaming, and Pipelines – Oh My! by Ilya Ganelin, Data Engineer, CapitalOne

  6. Every step you take, I’ll be watching you: Monitor your digital marketing campaigns in real-time and increase ROI
    In the world of advertising technology, ad space is put up for auction with the space being awarded to the highest bidder. This auctioning and bidding process occurs in real-time but many organizations are the lacking the right set of technologies to keep up with the times. This session focuses on a customer use case requiring better data standardization and monitoring dashboards for active campaigns.

    Streaming Monitored – Digital Marketing Campaigns by Gauri Padbidri, Software Developer, Genius Minds

  7. Data evolution is cyclical and it’s always good to revisit the past to see what’s coming next
    Listen to some of the top minds in big data share their personal experiences in observing and taking part in the evolution of the technological space. DataTorrent’s own Nathan Trueblood plays moderator in this session while representatives from Ampool, Talend, and CapitalOne comprise the panel.

    Panel Discussion: Evolution of Big Data Apps – Streaming Platforms
    Moderator: Nathan Trueblood, VP Product Management, DataTorrent.
    Panelists: Milind Bhandarkar, Founder & CEO, Ampool Inc., Laurent Bride, CTO, Talend, Ilya Ganelin, Manager, Data Engineer, CapitalOne, Bhaskar Ghosh, Advisor & Investor, VP of Engineering and Operations

  8. Taking care of business means working in real-time
    Processing big data can be a real pain. Dealing with unique data types and differing desired outcomes within an organization can slow business down and affect the bottom line. In this session, we cover a use case in which DataTorrent’s RTS platform is combined with MapR and Drools to provide the desired big data business processing in real-time.

    Business Processing application using DataTorrent on MapR Big Data Platform by Harish Thakkallapally, Solutions Architect, MapR Technologies

  9. Visualization is critical to enterprise big data applications
    The power of big data has been growing steadily over the years and in most organizations, both business and technical folks alike are looking to this data to gain insight for their specific needs. It’s important to examine this data in a way that caters to all of the analytical aspects of a given organization. DataTorrent’s RTS platform is designed with a built in UI that provides in depth visualization for Apex applications for business and technical users.

    RTS Console: I Can See Apex Apps Clearly Now by Sasha Parfenov, Engineer, DataTorrent

  10. Apex, Spark, and Storm: All real-time streaming is not created equal
    The world of open source big data technology is just as collaborative as it is competitive. Too many cooks in the real-time streaming “kitchen” or not enough cooks? Either way, this is the perfect recipe for friendly rivalries to arise. In this session, Apex is compared to Spark and Storm from an architectural perspective, focusing on the components that allow for true, real-time stream processing.

    Storm/Spark Streaming vs. Apex Comparison by Devendra Tagare, Data Engineer, DataTorrent