It’s been a fantastic voyage back to the complex and exciting world of data analytics. I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what the latest trend is, Big Data, Machine Learning, IoT, Fog Computing… everything seems to loop back to the critical need for analytics. And when I say analytics, I mean real-time analytics, not real-time queries on a tepid data lake.

Don’t get me wrong, real-time queries have a place, but let’s not get confused. Emerging use cases providing a dynamic viewpoint for customer 360° and the fact that time stands still for no one have been omnipresent and reinforce the very principles that this space is complex in both assembly and operationalizing.

So with this preface, I am really happy to see the fruits of our new product release. RTS 3.8 (RTS stands for Real-Time Streaming, not catchy but it kinda works) is an important release in our pivot toward applications while focusing on ‘time to value’ and ‘total cost of ownership.’

This product release has some rather cool new cloud capabilities providing deeper AWS integration and a simplified AWS deployment to spin up the infrastructure needed for real-time application and to leverage streaming Data-In-Motion.

Other feature highlights include new visualization, alert, and security enhancements, all supporting our mantra of driving down operational costs and getting to production fast.

Finally, this release is foundational for our upcoming release (spoiler alert) which will deliver what I like to think of as industrialized pipelines aka applications aimed at security use cases and inclusive of complex dimensional compute and anomaly detection operators. Please do keep an eye out for this over the summer. In the meantime, you can play with RTS right now by going to our sandbox here

Speaking of time-savers, we’re smashing some customers preconceived notion that real-time streaming is hard, let alone the perception that Hadoop is a bear to build and deploy.

To help organizations indemnify any reluctance, DataTorrent is introducing a new “JumpStart” program. For just $50,000 a customer can get a predefined set of architectural design guides, development, and training services to get to a production-ready application expediently.

DataTorrent is so confident that its applications can be built and deployed swiftly and easily, that it is also announcing a “JumpStart” guarantee. If an enrolled customer is not able to get their real-time streaming applications production-ready in 60 days, DataTorrent will credit the fees for these services in their entirety. The JumpStart guarantee can be applied to cloud-based deployments with Amazon EMR or on-premise.

Check out the details on JumpStart here:

Lastly, thanks to the 60k+ Apache Apex subscribers, our production clients, and partners for making this an immersive and thoroughly enjoyable experience.