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 (This blog has been developed in association with Farid Jiandani, Product Manager with Cisco’s Insieme Networks Business Unit and Charu Madan, Director Business Development at DataTorrent. It was originally published on Cisco Blogs)

If you work for an enterprise that’s looking to hit its digital sweet spot, then you’re scrutinizing your sales, marketing and operations to see where you should make digital investments to innovate and improve productivity. Super-fast data processing at scale is being used to obtain real-time insights for digital business and Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives.

According to Gartner Group, one of the cool vendors in this area of providing super- fast big data analysis using in-memory streaming analytics is called DataTorrent, a startup founded by long-time ex-Yahoo! veterans with vast experience managing big data for leading edge applications and infrastructure at massive scale. Their goal is to empower today’s enterprises to experience the full potential and business impact of big data with a platform that processes and analyzes data in real-time.

DataTorrent RTS

DataTorrent RTS is an open core, enterprise-grade product powered by Apache Apex. DataTorrent RTS provides a single, unified batch and stream processing platform that enables organizations to reduce time to market, development costs and operational expenditures for big data analytics applications.

DataTorrent RTS Integration with ACI

A member of the Cisco ACI ecosystem, DataTorrent announced on September 29th DataTorrent RTS integration with Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)  through the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) to help create more efficient IT operations, bringing together network operations management and big data application management and development:

DataTorrent Integrates with Cisco ACI to Help Secure Big Data Processing Through a Unified Data and Network Fabric. The joint solution enables

  • A unified fabric approach for managing Applications, Data and Network
  • A highly secure and automated Big Data application platform which uses the power of Cisco ACI for automation and security policy management
  • The creation, repository, and enforcement point for Cisco ACI application policies for big data applications

With the ACI integration, secure connectivity to diverse data sets becomes a part of a user defined policy which is automated and does not compromise on security and access management. As an example, if one of the DataTorrent Big Data application needs access to say a Kafka source, then all nodes need to be opened up. This leaves the environment vulnerable and prone to attacks. With ACI, the access management policies and contracts help define the connectivity contracts and only the right node and right application gets access. See Figure 1 and 2 for the illustration of this concept.

Figure 1:


Figure 2


ACI Support for Big Data Solutions

The openness and the flexibility of ACI allow big data customers to run a wide variety of different applications within their fabric alongside Hadoop. Due to the elasticity of ACI, customers are able to run batch processing alongside stream processing and other data base applications in a seamless fashion. In traditional Hadoop environments, the network is segmented based off of individual server nodes (see Figure 1). This makes it difficult to elastically allow access to and from different applications. Ultimately, within the ACI framework, logical demarcation points can be created based on application workloads rather than physical server groups (a set of Hadoop nodes should not be considered as a bunch of individual server nodes, rather a single group.)

A Robust and Active Ecosystem

Many vendors claim they have a broad ecosystem of vendors, but sometimes that’s pure marketing, without any real integration efforts going on behind the slideware. But Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) has a very active ecosystem of industry leaders who are putting significant resources into integration efforts, taking advantage of ACI’s open Northbound and Southbound API’s. DataTorrent is just one example of an innovative company that is using ACI integration to add value to their solutions and deliver real benefits to their channel partners and customers.

Stay tuned for more success stories to come: we’ll continue to showcase industry leaders that are taking advantage of the open ACI API’s.

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DataTorrent helps our customers get into production quickly using open source technologies to handle real-time, data-in-motion, fast, big data for critical business outcomes. Using the best-of-breed solutions in open source, we harden the open source applications to make them act and look as one through our unique IP that we call Apoxi™. Apoxi is a framework that gives you the power to manage those open source applications reliably just like you do with your proprietary enterprise software applications, lowering the time to value (TTV) with total lower cost of ownership (TCO). To get started, you can download DataTorrent RTS or micro data services from the DataTorrent AppFactory.