To be clear, I’m a foodie, not a food snob. They’re often blurred, but in my case, I warm to good food and shy away from shi shi happening joints. That said if a restaurant hits all the marks and it’s a special occasion, then I am all in as long as the bang for the buck balances out the experience. I’ve been an avid contributor to Yelp since 2007 and retrospectively see that it’s all about the outcome. To elaborate, when wifey and I leave an establishment if we feel we had a great time and weren’t robbed blind (outcome/$$) then the evening was a success.

My favorite restaurants range in price, but the common threads are always great fresh ingredients put together with love and balance with a smattering of bonus points for ambiance, service, location, etc. So success is the culmination of these factors, yet the restaurant can be condemned on any single outlying aspect.

Digging a little deeper and looking through past reviews, I see a repeated pattern where restaurants have a bloated menu choice causing intermittent service, poorly executed dishes, and a deep regret on the $s we exchanged.

Even writing this, the idea of a bloated menu harked me back to a television series starring Gordon Ramsey (Kitchen Nightmares). I cannot even remember how many times he insisted on trimming up the menu choices. So I turned to trusty Google to see if he had tips on menu creation and here was his tip:

Reading further, what blew me away was how relevant Ramsey’s ten tips on running a successful business are with deploying a big data real-time analytics application. Every single one of these tips can and should be heeded when stepping into a successful big data deployment:

  • Don’t be arrogant
    You’re breaking new ground, so ask a lot and get over yourself.
  • Have you done your homework
    What outcome are you looking for? And more specifically, what is the business outcome you are aiming at with success criteria if at all possible?
  • Choose the right chef
    It’s no good having great ideas if you don’t have someone on the ground with the right skill to execute. Two dangerous outcomes will occur:
    1) they fail, and you end up with shit on your shoes or
    2) they fail and you end up with massive consulting bills to eat monthly.
  • Who’s in charge
    Age old adage of too many cooks; ensure there is a single driver BUT also a steering counsel with all interested parties present.
  • Communication and teamwork
    Set clear expectations and work backwards from the desired outcome to ensure people and processes perform the way you need: visibility, dashboarding, and workflow are key.
  • The Menu
    Too many parts and you’ll just fizzle. Less is more. Just make sure they all balance out and don’t be afraid to reinterpret or deconstruct.
  • Quality control
    If it doesn’t run in a “lights out” manner then what’s the point? Food poisoning simply can’t happen.
  • Keep it clean and organized
    Clear and clean architecture built for agility and flexibility is key for good ROIs and TCOs.
  • Be flexible
    Is it possible to get everything right? Build for change. Don’t create your own dead end.
  • Don’t give up
    Nothing great is easy, challenge convention, wake up every day asking what more can you do.

Suffice it to say these are exceptionally wise words and perfectly translatable to product development, and specifically to deploying real-time streaming analytics apps. DataTorrent hasn’t stood still on this journey as we’ve already pivoted towards building applications, delivering business outcomes, and most critically operationalizing all the above.

I was asked recently why DataTorrent is one, if not the only, company that’s managed to help Fortune 50 companies into production with data in motion, real-time applications and my answer was we’re able to deliver this because of something we call Apoxi!

While unintentional, DataTorrent has implemented Ramsey’s advice by providing our customers with an exceptional “dining” experience in the form of enterprise-hardened, real-time data analytics applications fused together with our unique IP efforts. Think of Apoxi as our “secret sauce”, designed to make customers clamor for seconds. Stay tuned for more on Apoxi, but until then Bon Appetite.