online shopping_cartNow that Black Friday is behind us, merchants are busy calculating the sales figures from the Thanksgiving weekend and  gearing up for the Cyber Monday. Early statistics show that although the sales on Black Friday at brick and mortar stores has fallen compared to that in 2014, the online sales jumped 14% from the prior year. This is no surprise, internet is becoming a more preferred and convenient shopping channel for the consumers. Forecast also predicts that sales for the Cyber Monday will be the biggest e-Commerce sales event of the year, likely boosting online revenue to a new high for e-Commerce providers and merchants offering sales through the internet and mobile devices.  

But how ready are the retailers, e-Commence providers, digital advertisers this holiday season? Internet has become an important vehicle for consumers to search, compare and buy merchandise today. In 2014 US alone has seen annual online sales exceeding $300 billion ‘ a 15% growth from the prior year result. Not surprisingly, the 4th quarter sales accounted for over 31% of the full’year web sales. reported that the number of online shoppers will grow 50% from 1.07 billion in 2013 to over 1.6 billion in 2018 – a huge population for merchants to target and lucrative opportunity for retailers, digital advertisers and online publishers to leverage all the available shopping channels, including web and mobile, to win big online, in particular, during this premier shopping season.  

personalized experienceThe game changer for digital advertising and e-Commerce is to deliver personalized campaigns that will result in greater sales. With the right technology, shopper’s online activities can be captured in real-time so merchants, advertisers, and publishers can use that information to gain better understanding of a specific customer ‘ their shopping habits, reading interests, preferred browsers and mobile apps, so personalized ads can be presented to that shopper at the right time, on the right channel. It’s a real-time race and every millisecond could lead to millions of dollars of sales.

For advertisers, publishers, and e-Commence providers, real-time targeting and re-targeting is not only about capturing consumer behavior data at the time it’s being generated, but analyzing that data in real-time so subsequent actions can be taken right away before opportunity disappears. If your current technology doesn’t support this real-time needs, your holiday (and non-holiday) sales will likely suffer.

Aside from offering personalized campaign in real-time, online fraudfraud prevention is also a top priority for merchants and advertisers conducting business through the web  and mobile devices, in particular, during the holiday shopping season when the number of online transactions is at all-time high. Technologies that enable real-time detection and prevention of  suspicious behaviors and fraudulent transactions will  prevent catastrophic outcome for the merchants and advertisers.

Market leading companies such as PubMatic  are benefiting from the technology solution provided by DataTorrent to help their clients achieve real-time ad inventory management and targeted campaigns. What’s powering PubMatic’s real-time analytics platform is DataTorrent RTS,  an enterprise-class, unified streaming and fast batch analytics platform that analyzes real-time transactions and enables  fast responses with sub-second latency. DataTorrent RTS is capable of processing billions of events per second. With such unmatched performance, publishers can conduct real-time ad inventory management based on the ad performance on the fly, while advertisers can deliver  personalized campaigns to the consumers based on their online activities instantly. Internet and mobile devices make shopping possible 24×7 so your online stores  have to support the on-going shopping activities during the peak season. This means you need a highly reliable, fault tolerant platform to handle the heavy web traffic, otherwise you  may be  left with  many unhappy customers and damaging  business  outcome.  DataTorrent RTS helps you meet this demand by offering extreme fault tolerance with no data loss and human intervention to ensure your business continuity during this critical sales cycle. We encourage you to look into this real-time analytics technology in more details and try it out for yourself:

For all the shoppers, we wish you a pleasant, smooth shopping experience ‘ both online and offline, and score some big deals from your favorite stores. For all the retailers, advertisers and others conducting business online, we wish you a profitable, record-breaking 4th quarter as well as a flourishing year with your online sales!

From all of us at DataTorrent, we wish you a very happy holiday season!    

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