Today I am happy to announce that Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has named DataTorrent as a ‘Vendor to Watch.’ The report is written by EMA analyst Shawn Rogers, who has over two decades of experience focusing on analytics, business intelligence, SaaS, and open source.

John Meyers, Managing Research Director Business Intelligence, EMA comments, “Enterprises are utilizing big data to drive their decision making process.   However, as data ages, the business value of any actions taken from that information decreases.   With products such as DataTorrent RTS, organizations can make those decisions sooner and raise the level and value of insight.”

Highlights from the report include:

  • Real-time processing of critical data can provide situational awareness to customers so they can take immediate action, which promises major advances in many areas, including the risk and fraud analysis sectors.
  • Fault tolerant features allow application developers to focus on developing functionality while the platform addresses check-pointing and restart challenges.
  • Because DataTorrent RTS is based on YARN 2.0, the platform is complimentary with existing Hadoop Map Reduce and existing EDW systems.

You can read the full report here: EMA-DataTorrent_0914-VendorToWatch

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