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Years ago when I was a data analyst, my responsibility was to analyze machine-generated data to troubleshoot system errors. I would present the findings based on the analysis so the engineering team can modify their design and the technicians can adjust their calibration. When I needed data, the technician had to dress up, go into the clean room and run the system for an entire cycle to collect the data. Then, I would FTP the data to my desktop computer to conduct analysis. To troubleshoot a problem, it often took a few days and multiple machine runs; adding delays to the overall development and production process.  

With  advanced data processing technology, I don’t have to wait until all the data is available before analyzing. A real-time data processing platform can process sensor data as it’s being generated, perform necessary transformation and feed the data to the downstream applications. In turn, I can start feeding the machine data to my math model and visualize it while the data is in motion. Abnormal behavior of the system now gets identified and fixed much faster while reducing the overall system development and production cycle. Ultimately this meant we could beat the competition by being faster  to market and provide better offerings.

Industrial InternetGE Predix  is an IoT cloud platform developed by GE Software to support industrial internet applications using machine-generated data and a variety of databases. GE Predix is powered by  DataTorrent RTS,  an enterprise-grade, open source streaming and batch big data processing engine, built on  Apache Apex.  With DataTorrent RTS as GE Predix’s real-time processing engine, it improves wind turbine efficiency, boosts asset performance, and enables preventative maintenance by monitoring and processing machine data in real-time. There are thousands of developers and a rapidly growing community building applications for GE  Predix.  

Watch this  video  with  Phu Hoang, CEO of DataTorrent on the benefits of the combined power of GE Predix and Apache Apex.  

To learn more on how GE Predix leverages Apache Apex to provide exceptional analytics services in IoT, please join us at a meetup  event on Feb 1st, 2016. You will have the opportunity to hear engineers from GE sharing in-depth knowledge on how GE Predix uses Apache Apex to provide fast data ingestion and time series services.

Are you working on an IoT project? If so, we would love to hear your story and explore how DataTorrent can help you cut down  time to the millisecond!