Apache Apex, the open source, enterprise-grade unified stream and fast batch processing engine, is gathering momentum staggeringly fast.

The timeline has been aggressive: Project Apex was announced on June 5, code was dropped on GitHub July 30 and an Apache Incubation proposal was posted on August 12 and accepted on August 17.

Apache Apex has hit some great milestones already. We are just past the one month anniversary and Apache Apex has already been named one of the best open source big data tools of 2015 by InfoWorld, hosted its first meetup and @ApacheApex is quickly gaining Twitter followers.

What’s in a logo?
Today, we are pleased to introduce the Apache Apex logo. Meet, uhm, actually, he or she doesn’t have a name yet, and we need your help here! Well, let me describe what (he or she) represents first.

Apache Apex has a lofty goal to be at the top of its game or at the “Apex” of stream and batch processing pipeline engines. As such, you will see a mountain peak that reflects our aspiration to always be the best, and at the peak of our industry.

As a YARN native application, Apache Apex not only runs on, but is also optimized for Hadoop deployments. In a nod to that design center, the logo acknowledges the Hadoop foundation we have built on with feet similar to Hadoop’s logo.

Finally, open source in general and Hadoop ecosystems in particular are inundated with adorable animal logos. Many people like monkees, but if you look closely, you will see that Apache Apex is also Ape-x. So you will also see a cute ape in the logo.

You put all of this together and you get … Ta da….

Apache Apex Logo - DataTorrent

We need your help!
I discovered four paragraphs ago that our logo doesn’t have a name and that’s where the community comes in. Be a hero to our newest mascot and submit your ideas for his or her name here.

Need Inspiration? Some of the ideas so far include Himalaya (aka Himmy, the world’s tallest mountain range), Ape-X (a mysterious, yet redundant Ape as it would be Ape-X, the Apache Apex Ape ‘ that’s a lot of Ape to type!) and Ralph (why? … why not?!). As you can see, we need your help!

Meet us at Strata + Hadoop World to learn more and get an Apex sticker!
Don’t take our word for it, stop by the DataTorrent Booth ‘ Booth 935 ‘ to share your ideas, learn more about Apache Apex and even score a sticker or mini-lego figure!