It’s been said that we learn the most from the things we hate to do… I do not know who said it, but it is clear that “hard problems” create lasting memories, both good and bad. Take for example some work we have been doing with our customers over the past few months. We surveyed our customers and found that most of them realized that they were big data ready after they had a “Fail-to-Launch” scenario happen with their big data analytics deployment.

So what does a “Fail-to-Launch” big data deployment look like? Well, from what we have seen with our customers, it can be an organization that has the following characteristics:

  • They need a fast data application
  • They have an experienced team that understands big data
  • They have Hadoop and know how to use it
  • They built their own algorithms
  • Finally, the most critical characteristic: they had their “Eureka Moment” because they have “Failed-to-Launch” their application into production

Why is the most important thing in this scenario the fact that the company failed at launching their first big data application? Well, because failing in this scenario is actually learning about what it takes to launch and deploy a Fast Big Data Application at scale (in one’s lifetime).

Let’s face it, in today’s open source world, anyone can download software and install it… that’s the easy part. The hard part is getting these big data solutions to solve a business problem that creates the outcome your business requires. Companies that have seemingly successfully deployed their Big Data Application in pre-production (notice the emphasis on “pre”) have actually installed and deployed probably no more than five open source components. And while each disparate component produces some sort of outcome, unfortunately, each one is acting like a different bespoke application in the customer’s environment.

Typically, with most enterprise customers we talk to, the one part they like from their traditional enterprise software vendors is that the product is somewhat integrated. It uses one management tool, you can deploy it like one big application, and you get support from one vendor. What I’ve heard they don’t like is that, typically, old school enterprise products are not very flexible, do not always scale to big data needs, and a lot of times, the big old enterprise software company is pushing tired and dated technology in an effort to maximize their profits.

But what if you could have your big old enterprise software attributes like a single management tool, deployment like one all-encompassing application, and getting your support from one place while still living on the cutting edge using open source applications? And moreover, those applications could exist and act as one to give you the business outcomes your business desperately needs? Well, I believe one would call that “paradise” – that mythical place that we wish existed but doesn’t in the very real world of enterprise software. But wait – it appears times are a changin’.

DataTorrent is a company built on a fundamental charter. We help our customers get into production quickly using open source technologies to handle real-time, data-in-motion, fast big data for critical business outcomes. Using the best-of-breed solutions in open source, we harden the open source applications to make them act and look as one through our unique IP that we call Apoxi™. Apoxi is a framework that gives you the power to manage those open source applications reliably just like you do with your proprietary enterprise software applications. We are not a distributor. We can work with any of the leading distribution companies; rather, we are the “assembler” of hardened pipelines.

Yes, you can do this on your own if you so choose. And as I mentioned earlier, what you will get is five or six bespoke open source applications all doing well on their own; but, never working well together to get true business outcomes.

But, you might be saying, what about supportability, high-availability, security, the ability to be fast and efficient? Well, we have figured that out too. To us at DataTorrent, those are the byproducts of handling and taming Fast Big Data correctly/the right way. We include that in our Apoxi framework so that you now have the most reliable, efficient, Fast Big Data applications on the planet.

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