An Accelerated, Simplified and Scalable Approach to Fuel Your Big Data Projects

Fast Big Data To conduct meaningful analytics, first you need to collect all the necessary, relevant data to feed to your model. But gathering data from multiple disparate sources can be an extremely messy, time consuming task. Big Data, often (in)famously characterized with its unprecedented speed, volume and format, adds more complexity to this [...]

Jie Wu | 
December 3rd, 2015|Technical|0 Comments

E-Tailers and Advertisers – Get Ready for a Real-Time Race This Holiday Season

Now that Black Friday is behind us, merchants are busy calculating the sales figures from the Thanksgiving weekend and  gearing up for the Cyber Monday. Early statistics show that although the sales on Black Friday at brick and mortar stores has fallen compared to that in 2014, the online sales jumped 14% from the prior [...]

Jie Wu | 
November 30th, 2015|Technical|0 Comments

Arrival of Scalable, Fault Tolerant, Big Data Ingestion

The most literal meaning of data ingestion is absorbing the data in. Even though ingestion is a problem by itself, it's often insufficient just to take the data in. The broader term ingestion refers to discovering the data sources, importing the data from these data sources, and processing this data to produce intermediate data often [...]

Chetan Narsude | 
July 30th, 2015|Technical|0 Comments