DataTorrent Real-Time Streaming Platform

Release 1.0.4

  2. Release Notes
  3. License

Platform Guides

  1. Getting Started Guide
  2. Operation and Installation Guide
  3. User Interface Console Guide
  4. Application Developer Guide
  5. Application Packages
  6. Operator Developer Guide
  7. Malhar Library of Operator Templates
  8. DataTorrent Gateway API Specifications
  9. Scalability and Design Patterns

Malhar Demo Guides

  1. Ads Dimension Demo Guide
  2. Fraud Detection Demo Guide
  3. Map Reduce Inverted Indexer Demo Guide
  4. Map Reduce Logs Count Demo Guide
  5. Map Reduce Word Count Demo Guide
  6. Mobile Demo Guide
  7. Pi Calculator Demo Guide
  8. Twitter Rolling Top Words Demo Guide
  9. Twitter Top URLCounter Demo Guide
  10. Word Count Demo Guide
  11. Yahoofinance Demo Guide


  1. API Docs