The Age of Real-Time Streaming
has Arrived!

Shrink the time from data creation to insight and action

Staying competitive in today's data-driven economy means making decisions in real-time. Processing massive volumes of data is not enough - data has to be processed fast. With this increased focus on the ability to make decisions instantly, batch/micro-batch processing architecture is not enough to meet the needs of most businesses today.

Whether it's detecting fraud in real-time to avoid fraud-related costs and to protect customers or delivering ads to your target audience at the right time to maximize ROI, companies are shifting their focus towards real-time or streaming data analytics to gain constant awareness and take immediate action.

With DataTorrent's industry-leading data ingestion and analytics RTS platform, you will give your business every advantage to capture real-time insights—and turn them into action.

Advent of Real-Time Processing
Transition from Batch to Real-Time Insight

Keep up with today's fast-paced, ever-shifting market. Listen to Phu Hoang, DataTorrent's Chief Strategy Officer, describe the transformation from batch to real-time stream processing. Don't settle for batch processing and delayed insights—switch to real-time streaming.

Shrinking the insight "Do-Loop"
Go from data to insight to action even faster

Phu Hoang, DataTorrent's Chief Strategy Officer, discusses how real-time streaming data processing revolutionizes your business' ability to analyze and act on events in real-time.

Ready to take your
business real-time


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Think Big, Act Faster


DataTorrent effortlessly delivers real-time insights regardless of the data volume and complexity. No matter if you have a data puddle, pond or ocean and whether you are trying to run Extract, Load, and Transform (ETL) or Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) or machine learning on top of your data - DataTorrent has got you covered.

Powered by the open-source engine Apache Apex, DataTorrent offers the industry's only enterprise-grade platform that enables businesses to build and deploy real-time applications faster and lower the total cost of ownership for customers of all sizes.

Build and deploy your applications to production quickly and easily with a rich library of out-of-the-box Operators and pre-built Application Templates.

Reduce development, hardware, and operational costs.
Scales linearly to billions of events per second with the ability to dynamically scale your compute resources up or down for varying data loads.
Proven to reach single-digit millisecond end-to-end latency with automated fault tolerance.
End-to-end exactly once processing guarantees no data loss and no data duplication. Have an outage – our platform ensures the processing resumes from where it left off.

Winning with DataTorrent and Apex

Proven in real-world use cases to reduce time-to-market, development costs and operational expenditures for companies of all sizes.

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About DataTorrent

DataTorrent is the leader in real-time Big Data ingestion and analytics enabling businesses to take their Big Data into production faster and lower the total cost of ownership. The company was founded by the creators of the open-source stream processing engine Apache Apex. DataTorrent's real-time platform is designed to ingest data as soon as it is created, to build and to deploy production applications rapidly and easily with enterprise-grade reliability.

DataTorrent's solution is proven in production environments to reduce time-to-market, development costs and operational expenditures for companies of all sizes. For more information, visit our website or follow us on Twitter at @datatorrent.