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Prevention Not Just Detection

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Shift Your Expectations For Fighting Payment Fraud

The number of consumers who will interact with retailers through multiple channels continues to increase. Omni-channel retail sales in the US alone will hit $1.8 trillion by 2017. As businesses look to capture more revenue by offering new shopping and fulfillment options, fraud risk is expected to increase. Most payment fraud today is identified after the fact which means the retailer or financial institution is left with the liability. Detecting payment fraud is only useful if you can act in time to prevent it. Now it is possible to prevent omni-channel payment fraud in real time. Get in front of payment fraud with DataTorrent Omni-Channel Payment Fraud Prevention Applications.

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Shift Left and Get In Front

Simple premise, complex undertaking but profound impact - Applying analytics to data-in-motion before loading it to a data lake, database or data warehouse, you get actionable insight and can take actions 'when' the event is happening. This results in instantaneous insight with immediate decision and action capability, which in the case of fraud is the difference between prevention not just detection.


Blazing Performance, Enterprise Grade, Scale Out Omni-Channel Payment Fraud Applications

DataTorrent Omni-Channel Payment Fraud Prevention Applications deliver real-time, data-in-motion analytics built for 24/7/365 production, with sub-second latency, enterprise grade reliability and a scale out architecture through a complete pipeline that includes ingest, enrichment, fraud anomaly logic, triggers and visualization.

  • Production ready, high availability and fault tolerant

  • Pre-build adaptive fraud prevention rules

  • Measure and track behavior patterns and detect anomalies

  • Full analytics visualization tools to assist in managing fraud prevention

Enterprise Ready, Hardened, Application Pipelines from Ingest to Visualization

Real-Time, Data In-Motion Analytics For Action And Insight To Prevent Fraud

From operations to line of business owners to the executive team, DataTorrent Fraud Prevention Applications will give you a 360° NOW view of your business to deliver unmatched action and insight.

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