Harness the Value of Data-in-Motion

Accelerate time-to-market and reduce cost of ownership

Ingestion. Transformation. Analytics. At the speed of business.

Better data means better decisions—and all the upside that comes with them. We build the the highest performance and lowest-cost products available to harness value from data-in-motion and data-at-rest, at enterprise scale in real-time. Designed to deliver real-time big data applications and robust analytics rapidly and easily, we handle operability, scalability, and fault tolerance and let you focus on customer needs.

Ingestion. Transformation. Analytics

DataTorrent RTS Platform


How DataTorrent RTS works?

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Deployment modes

Flexible deployment options on any Hadoop distribution.

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Why DataTorrent RTS?

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Professional Services

We’re here to speed your transformation to a data-driven business. Our team offers the expertise and support services to speed, deploy, and optimize your DataTorrent platform adoption.

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