The DataTorrent Difference

Better Data, Better Decisions


Speed insight generation, spur action, and accelerate time-to-market

Fast time-to-value

Collecting relevant data and delivering real-time insights is key to capturing opportunity and driving customer value. With its power, capability, and speed, the DataTorrent platform enables you to derive and view insights from data in-motion and data at-rest, setting you up for success.

Faster production, lower cost

It’s a challenge to get batch and streaming big data applications into production. The DataTorrent platform, already in production with an array of companies from small businesses to Fortune 10 organizations, enables you to go to production quickly with an end-to-end solution focused on enterprise performance and reliability—with vastly superior ease of use and lower total cost of ownership.


Make data management easier—so you can focus on your core business

Scale seamlessly

Data volume is constantly increasing. The DataTorrent platform offers fully elastic scalability, allowing you to meet your ever-increasing data storage and processing needs. With the DataTorrent platform, applications can automatically scale up and down, ensuring high performance, effective computing resource utilization, and lower operational costs.

Easy to manage

Big Data applications today are highly distributed and interconnected, making it complex for the DevOps teams to monitor their full application stack. The DataTorrent platform provides an easy-to-use, intuitive, and fully Hadoop-integrated management and monitoring console that allows the DevOps teams to monitor and rapidly troubleshoot the DataTorrent applications—and maintain business-critical SLAs.


Eliminate downtime and data loss

Achieve business continuity

Business processes and mission-critical applications must be continuously available to reduce business risk. With built-in fault tolerance, five 9s availability, and stateful check-pointing, DataTorrent helps you easily eliminate unplanned downtime, prevent data loss, and provide continuous availability to applications.

Protect your enterprise data

With Big Data comes big concerns about data security. Providing enterprise-class security for data and applications is a top priority for CIO/CTOs and IT admins. With password-, Kerberos-, and JAAS- (LDAP, Active Directory, PAM) based authentication and role-based access control, the DataTorrent platform provides everything necessary to keep data safe and secure—and, by extension, your business