Production-Ready Data-in-Motion Platform

DataTorrent RTS

Powered by the open-source engine Apache Apex, DataTorrent offers the industry’s only enterprise-grade, production-ready platform to ingest, transform, and analyze large volumes of data in real-time and deliver big data applications faster. With its ease of use, scalability, and fault-tolerance, DataTorrent RTS has operability built into the platform to provide your business a data-centric foundation to capture key insights, accelerate innovation, and drive success.

Depending on your needs, the DataTorrent Enterprise platform can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud. And, it’s backed with the enterprise-class support and expertise to make adoption and execution smooth.

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Operator Library

Java support along with a comprehensive library of operators, including connectors for easy and rapid application development

  • Ingest from popular data sources such as HDFS, message busses (Kafka, Flume), flat files, JDBC into popular data sinks such as HDFS, Hive, NoSQL (Cassandra, MongoDB) databases, and many more
  • Data transformation operators such as dedup, filter, split, sample, and more; operators for parsing common formats such as XML, JSON, log files, syslog, and others
  • Built-in fault tolerance, easy extensibility, and processing guarantees

Application Assembly

Intuitive GUI-based drag-n-drop-n-launch tool to configure multiple data pipelines, without writing any code

  • Drag, drop, connect, and configure operators to develop data pipelines
  • Leverage pre-built templates for common data pipelines ‘ HDFS to HDFS, Kafka to HDFS, and Amazon S3 to HDFS

Management & Monitoring UI

Efficient web-based management, monitoring, and troubleshooting console ensures smooth, uninterrupted operations and 24x7 availability of data and applications

  • Monitor performance and memory usage of all applications with web-based UI
  • View all application log files from the same console to monitor and debug application errors

Data Visualization Dashboard

Ready-to-use real-time visualization tool to create business-driven dashboards for faster time-to-action

  • Visualize the data as soon as it is available with extremely low latency
  • Easily create multiple dashboards to visualize output from different applications, or from the same application in different ways
  • User defined dashboard to visualize data exactly as you need it