DataTorrent RTS

Scalable. Easy to use. Production-ready.

Get Your Applications To Production Faster

DataTorrent RTS is the industry’s only production-grade platform designed to ingest, transform, and analyze every data type as soon as it is generated in real-time—to give you the insights you need to take your company to its next level. Powered by the open-source Apache Apex engine, DataTorrent RTS enables organizations to build and deploy real-time streaming data applications swiftly and easily, and lower overall cost of operations. With easy-to-use management and monitoring UI, real-time dashboards, automated fault-tolerance, and real-time predictive models, DataTorrent RTS provides a scalable solution for your company’s needs, freeing you to focus on what’s really important for your customers and your business development.

Depending on your needs, the DataTorrent Enterprise platform can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud. And, it’s backed with the enterprise-class support and expertise to make adoption and execution smooth.

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Operator Library

Java support along with a comprehensive library of operators, including connectors for easy and rapid application development

  • Ingest from popular data sources such as HDFS, message busses (Kafka, Flume), flat files, JDBC into popular data sinks such as HDFS, Hive, NoSQL (Cassandra, MongoDB) databases, and many more
  • Data transformation operators such as dedup, filter, split, sample, and more; operators for parsing common formats such as XML, JSON, log files, syslog, and others
  • Built-in fault tolerance, easy extensibility, and processing guarantees

Management & Monitoring UI

Efficient web-based management, monitoring, and troubleshooting console ensures smooth, uninterrupted operations and 24x7 availability of data and applications

  • Monitor performance and memory usage of all applications with web-based UI
  • View all application log files from the same console to monitor and debug application errors

Data Visualization Dashboard

Ready-to-use real-time visualization tool to create business-driven dashboards for faster time-to-action

  • Visualize the data as soon as it is available with extremely low latency
  • Easily create multiple dashboards to visualize output from different applications, or from the same application in different ways
  • User defined dashboard to visualize data exactly as you need it