Deployment Modes

Local Mode

In local mode, the application is run as single-process with multiple threads. Although a few Hadoop classes are needed, there is no dependency on Hadoop or Hadoop services. The local file system is used in place of HDFS. This mode can be used to embed lightweight DataTorrent RTS applications on edge processing locations.

Single Node Hadoop Cluster

In a single-node Hadoop cluster, all of the services are deployed on a single server (developers can use their development boxes as a single cluster.) Single node is a specific way of configuring the Hadoop cluster, the DataTorrent RTS platform behaves exactly the same way as when running on a cluster with multiple nodes.

Multi-node Hadoop Cluster

In a multi-node Hadoop cluster, all of the Hadoop services are distributed and running as they are planned for production or a production-level test environment. Upon launch, the application is submitted to the Hadoop cluster and executes as a multi-process application on multiple nodes.

DataTorrent RTS Supported Distributions

DataTorrent RTS is a Hadoop native application and is fully integrated with YARN and HDFS providing tight integration with any Apache Hadoop based distribution.