Professional Services

Consulting, Managed, and Support Services

We’re committed to supporting your transformation to a data-driven business. Whether you are just starting out in your Big Data journey or have a complex Big Data use case, DataTorrent offers the technology, people, and process expertise to support each stage of your journey to platform adoption. Our services and support are tailored to each stage: design, proof-of-concept, development, deployment, and post-deployment support and optimization. We believe in treating every client like our only client: we’re totally dedicated to your specific needs.

Consulting Services—from strategy to success

DataTorrent Consultants will assess your current systems and craft the strategy to make your Big Data initiative a success. Our experts provide recommendations around your use-case specific solutions, architecture blueprints, and deployment roadmaps to help you realize the full value of your data and, ultimately, improve your business outcomes.

Managed Services—from concept to deployment

DataTorrent Managed Services will enable your business to build and deliver production-ready Big Data applications with ease, all at a lower cost of ownership. Our experts can help you design a proof-of-concept, and then scale and deploy it into a production-grade implementation upon validation.

Support Services—support whenever you need it

Manage your DataTorrent platform and applications around the clock with our DataTorrent Support Services. Our dedicated team of experts is ready to handle an array of issues from DataTorrent RTS platform setup, deployment, and use.

We’re here to speed your transformation to a data-driven business. Our team offers the expertise and support services to speed, deploy, and optimize your DataTorrent platform adoption.

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