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Reach the right audience, at the right time, in the right channel

Timing is everything in advertising—the right message at the right moment wins customers. And, programmatic advertising presents tremendous opportunity for publishers and advertisers to connect with prospects and customers in real time, ultimately driving increased ROI. With DataTorrent’s real-time stream data processing solution, ad tech companies can process and analyze large volumes of moving data streams in an agile, reliable, and scalable way. As a result, they can deliver relevant, personalized advertising, smarter ad performance monitoring, and maximized revenue.

DataTorrent enables ad tech companies to:

  • Real-time bidding and ad serving
  • Optimize inventory and campaign performance via insights on consumer demand and response
  • Maximize revenue by evaluating floor prices and fill rates in real-time

Customer Story : PubMatic

PubMatic enables publishers to maximize ad revenue with DataTorrent.

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