Energy & Utilities

Power customer experience, operational efficiency, and grid reliability

For utility companies, new horizons lie in making better decisions about networks and for customers. The emergence of technologies such as sensors, smart meters, distributed control systems, and smart grids are flooding utility and energy companies with high volume, multi-structured data that contains gems of insights to help reach these new horizons. With DataTorrent’s streaming data analytics solutions, utilities can generate real-time insights from mountains of data, resulting in more accurate forecast demand, improved grid reliability, optimized network utilization, and, most importantly, enhanced customer experience.

DataTorrent prepares energy and utility companies to:

  • Optimize energy production, distribution, and consumption
  • Accurately forecast demand
  • Improve grid and plant reliability while reducing operating costs
  • Proactively identify and prevent outages

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Silver Spring Networks uses real-time ingestion and analytics to fuel smart energy applications

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