Financial Services

Better fraud detection, comprehensive risk and compliance management, and real-time market data capture

More than $600 billion every year are lost to fraudulent activities in the US alone. With hundreds of millions of transactions conducted daily, successful financial institutions rely on data to mitigate risk, make sound investment decisions, and understand customer needs. By adopting DataTorrent’s real-time data integration and analytics solution, financial institutions can glean insights from terabytes of data in-motion to prevent fraudulent transactions, predict market movements, deliver better return on investment, and meet regulatory compliance.

DataTorrent enables businesses in the financial services sector to:

  • Identify and prevent fraud, insider threats, and cyber crimes
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance with regulations from Dodd-Frank, FINRA, and others
  • Create personalized offers for customers in real-time
  • Develop better risk management that quickly addresses new requirements

Customer Story : Capital One

Capital One leverages stream processing for real-time risk analysis.

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