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Today, billions of customers rely on online shopping for one-stop shopping. Here, customer insights can shape every aspect of the shopping experience. With the availability of multiple transaction channels and customer touchpoints, today’s retailers and e-commerce providers are constantly seeking competitive edge. That edge results from innovative ways to derive insights from the ever-increasing amount of data available about customer behavior, transactions, and location. To handle this vast number of datasets, retailer and e-commerce providers need an enterprise-grade stream processing solution that delivers instant insights to personalize the shopping experience, optimize supply chain and pricing, increase customer satisfaction, and boost profits.

DataTorrent enables retail and e-commerce companies to:

  • Deliver personalized recommendations and offers to existing and potential new customers
  • Drive dynamic pricing across multiple channels
  • Optimize inventory, demand forecast, and supply chain
  • Build 360-degree customer profiles based on all transactions, product preferences, in-store trends, and online browsing behavior
  • Identify and prevent credit card fraud

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