Complex Data Replication

Data replication from any source to any destination

DataTorrent’s solution provides complex Big Data replication from source operational data stores such as Oracle to any destination store. To do so, it provides input and output connectors that read from operational data stores and write back the data to destination stores such as Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata, and more. Its solution enables flexibility in configuring business rules based on which new or modified data can be written from any source to any destination. Users may also schedule batch jobs or play the data in real time, where the desired change in the source data can be captured by the solution and replicated across one or more destinations

With DataTorrent’s solution, enterprise teams take advantage of powerful flexibility to:

  • Synchronize any source data store with one or more destination stores for Big Data
  • Create backup or data retention solutions for Big Data

DataTorrent’s solution also protects Big Data assets with seamless recovery from crashes or data store unavailability. Its processing semantics ensure that the required data is replicated from the source to the destination with zero data loss, low latency, and optimal throughput.

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