Data Preparation

Power and flexibility to build a potent Big Data pipeline

Enterprises today receive big data in a variety of formats from an array of sources—making for complex real-time data ingestion and management. DataTorrent’s Data Preparation solution gives you the powerful tools to make the most of your business’s big data opportunity.

Data Preparation provides connectors to message queues, file systems, and databases so that you are prepared receive data from any of these sources. DataTorrent’s solution also provides the building blocks to assemble your Data Preparation pipeline. With various operators available, including parsers, filters, and transformations, you’ll be able to effectively parse, cleanse, and standardize your data. And the Data Preparation solution is flexible: it also allows you to enrich and transform your data while ingesting to Hadoop and SQL/NoSQL databases, among others. DataTorrent’s Data Preparation sits on top of the enterprise-grade DataTorrent RTS platform, which provides superior processing guarantees in fault tolerance, linear scalability, and low latency.

The Data Preparation Solution:

  • Gives you and your business powerful flexibility in harnessing data and deriving actionable insights
  • Allows you to enrich and transform data into various databases
  • Operates on a high-quality, highly available, supremely fault-tolerant platform with low latency—and that scales out on commodity-grade hardware, for a lower total cost-of-ownership

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