Dimensional Compute

Delivering Multi-Dimensional Analysis (OLAP) Capabilities

In today’s data-driven economy, organizations capture opportunity by quickly analyzing data’s multiple dimensions, such as time, region, and product, and overlaying factors such as sales and cost. Such complex analysis yields comprehensive insights and competitive edge. As the volume, velocity, and heterogeneity of data increases, enterprises need a real-time OLAP cube solution. The DataTorrent multi-dimensional analysis solution allows you to build and manage cubes across multiple dimensions in real-time—to keep your business on top of trends and optimized for overall performance.

  • Build cubes directly on Hadoop clusters to perform multi-dimensional analysis
  • Pre-compute OLAP cube dimensions to process multi-dimensional big data queries with sub-second latency and improved query performance
  • Support large dimensions such as sales performance or product sales in relation to time, geography, channel, customers, and more
  • Eliminate the cost of moving data to a separate data mart for analysis
  • Easily integrate with BI tools such as Tableau, Qlik, and Excel

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