OLTP Data Streaming

Streaming ingestion ready OLTP data in to Hadoop

Truly successful businesses rely on data to make critical decisions in real time. To do so, businesses must evolve towards combining transaction data with unstructured data to gain access to more holistic and actionable insights—and, ultimately, the drivers for those key decisions. As a result, enterprises seek to integrate OLTP data into Hadoop. However, enabling Hadoop in a real-time OLTP scenario poses a significant challenge.

The DataTorrent solution works with Oracle GoldenGate to enable enterprises to stream transaction data in to Hadoop, and to make it ingestion-ready for different data stores.

  • Seamless integration with Oracle GoldenGate
  • Provide access to transaction data with very low latency
  • Extract, transform, and integrate high volumes of transaction data in real-time to different data stores such as HDFS, Hive, Kafka, Flume, and Hbase
  • High scalability and fault-tolerance enables processing of billions of events per second without any data loss

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