Streaming with Five 9s Availability

High-availability, highly secure real-time data processing

Enterprise customers expect high availability for mission-critical systems. Before going to production, new capabilities should be subject to the same rigor as a business’s most valuable operational systems.

At DataTorrent, we have high expectations for real-time data processing, and we’ve built our products with enterprise requirements in mind. Our platform provides fault tolerance, checkpointing, idempotency processing, and exactly-once processing, so that your big data application can recover with zero data loss or duplicate data. As a result, your developer can focus on developing data pipelines built on your business logic and leverage the DataTorrent platform for its high availability features. And, your system administrator can be assured that those data pipelines are secure on a platform with built-in high availability features.

DataTorrent’s solution gives your business:

  • A platform with enterprise-grade availability
  • Logic-specific configuration capabilities, so your developer can easily build what fits your needs

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