Ingest and Extract Big Data Natively in Hadoop with Apache Apex -Talk #1

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Ingesting and extracting data from Hadoop can be a frustrating, time consuming activity for many enterprises. Apache Apex Data Ingestion is a standalone big data application that simplifies the collection, aggregation and movement of large amounts of data to and from Hadoop for a more efficient data processing pipeline. Apache Apex Data Ingestion makes configuring and running Hadoop data ingestion and data extraction a point and click process enabling a smooth, easy path to your Hadoop-based big data project.

During the meetup, we will first cover the basics of Apache Apex platform and tools provided by DataTorrent to make applications like Data Ingestion possible. Then we will focus on the Ingestion application and specific ingestion flows such as ingesting unbounded data from Kafka to JDBC with couple of processing operators, namely Transform and Enrichment.