IoT Big Data Ingestion and Processing in Hadoop by Silver Spring Networks

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Presenter 1: Raja Ali – A Silicon Valley veteran who has spent his career in building, operating and tuning data-centric applications. At Silver Spring Networks, he is the multi-talented architect, evangelist and hands-on developer of the Silverlink Data Platform. Raja is an Apache Apex committer Raja is an avid runner and has run many ultra-marathons.

Presenter 2: Greg Brosman – Is the Product Manager for the SilverLink Data Platform, where he drives its adoption across Silver Spring’s utility and software partners. Previously he worked on rolling out Silver Spring’s first Network-as-a-Service solution in Copenhagen and a variety of Smart City projects. Greg is a passionate board game player.

Presenter 3: Darin Nee – Apache Apex committer. A big data software engineer with Silver Spring Network, working on SilverLink Data Platform.