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Data fuels the new digital economy—and drives business success. New technologies from sensors and smart devices, to social media and connected vehicles, generate vast volumes of high-velocity data in many different forms. Because data represents opportunity and all the upside that comes with it, businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of continuously analyzing data as it is captured and taking immediate action on the insights unlocked. To succeed in this data-driven economy, your business must move from its legacy infrastructure to a scalable, production-ready, easily operable platform. Are you set up for success?

With its industry-leading streaming data platform, DataTorrent empowers today’s businesses to harness the full potential—and business impact—of big data. DataTorrent accomplishes this by preparing businesses to process, analyze, make decisions and take action on data-in-motion in real-time. Powered by the open-source engine Apache Apex, the DataTorrent platform addresses the key challenges that have traditionally hampered businesses in the full utilization of big data technologies: time-to-production, ease-of-use, cost-of-ownership, and reliability at the enterprise level.

Based in San Jose, California, DataTorrent was founded by long-time ex-Yahoo! veterans with vast Hadoop experience and comprehensive expertise managing big data for leading-edge applications and infrastructure at massive scale. With customers ranging from small businesses to Fortune 10 organizations, DataTorrent is backed by industry-leading investors, including GE Capital, Morado Venture Partners, AME Cloud Ventures, August Capital, and Innov8. Learn more about the DataTorrent difference and its products and solutions.


DataTorrent is backed by the best in the industry