Put yourself a step ahead of fraud with DataTorrent Omni-channel Fraud Prevention App. By analyzing data as it’s created, you can identify a breach before it happens, saving your organization a lot of headache. Not to mention a lot of money. And our new Omni-Channel Payment Fraud Prevention App delivers a complete pipeline that includes ingest, enrichment, fraud anomaly logic, triggers and visualization to get you production ready and fighting fraud faster than you ever thought possible

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DataTorrent empowers today’s data-driven organizations to reach their desired business outcomes faster by helping them harness the full potential of big data. We were founded by Silicon Valley pioneers who are never satisfied with the status quo. This drive to extract more and more insight from data in motion yields innovation that makes DataTorrent clients more responsive to customers—and gives them a big competitive advantage.

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DATATORRENT CEO, GUY CHURCHWARD, has a thing or two to say about data analytics, what “real time” truly means, and the implications for your business. Read his thoughts and share your own.

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DataTorrent was recently named to the 2017 Big Data 100 as one of the “Coolest Emerging Big Data Vendors.”

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When it comes to making smart business decisions, even a one-second delay can make you vulnerable. By shifting your analytics left of storage, you get real-time insight from true, real-time data. Here’s the difference:

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At the end of the day, all that matters is having the ability to make business decisions in real time. It’s that kind of agility that will put you on top—and keep you there. But real time analytics are impossible unless you have real-time data. Don’t settle for anything less, because increased agility is just the beginning of what DataTorrent can do for you.

Lower TCO

Enterprise-grade reliability, fault tolerant, automatic scaling, easy-to-use monitoring, and management tools built into production ready apps that result in less time spent training, tuning, and troubleshooting, saving you money.

Easy Management

Our easy-to-use, intuitive console features fully Hadoop-integrated management and monitoring functionality, so your DevOps teams can monitor and rapidly troubleshoot our apps, maintaining business-critical SLAs.

Faster Time to Value

Forget about months of consulting with little to nothing to show for it in the end. DataTorrent will get you to production quickly—even as fast as 60 days—with an end-to-end solution that gives you enterprise performance and reliability.

Seamless Scale-Out

DataTorrent delivers fully elastic scalability, allowing you to meet your ever-increasing data storage and processing needs. Applications automatically scale up and down, ensuring high performance, optimizing resource use, and lowering operational costs.

Business Continuity

Your business processes and mission-critical applications must be continuously available to reduce business risk. DataTorrent apps feature five 9s availability, built-in fault tolerance, and stateful check-pointing to prevent data loss and eliminate unplanned downtime.

Enterprise-Class Security

DataTorrent features password-based, Kerberos-based, and JAAS (LDAP, Active Directory, PAM)-based authentication as well as role-based access control. Everything you need to keep your data—and your business—safe and secure.


When you close the gap between what’s happening in your business and the information you get about it, you’re tapped in like never before. You’re smarter, so you make better decisions. You’re more responsive to customers, so you engage them more deeply. Our enterprise-grade apps, powered by Apache Apex, make it possible.

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Build your own real-time analytics applications with easy-to-use management and monitoring, real-time dashboards, automated fault-tolerance, and predictive models on-premise or in the cloud.

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Your marketplace for big data streaming analytics use cases, reference architectures, and downloadable applications. If you have an analytics problem, we have an answer. View business outcomes by industry or technology.

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Data pipelines are complicated. That’s why we’ve strung together all the necessary building blocks for data analytics apps and delivered them as a complete pipeline. It’s everything you need to get up and running, and the proven best practices to keep you that way.

Our model makes it easy. We deliver pre-built apps to get you into production faster. And since all of our apps our customizable they can be tailored to meet any business need.

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Learn how PubMatic, an automation solutions company, uses DataTorrent and Apache Apex to help them achieve their business outcomes.

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Apache Apex enables GE to transform Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data into opportunity.

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Learn how DataTorrent helped Silver Springs Networks fuel smart energy applications using real-time streaming analytics.

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