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enterprise-grade unified stream and batch platform

Open source enterprise-grade core engine
Open Source Enterprise-Grade Platform
Enterprise Security Integration
Enterprise Security Integration
Data Integration & Analytics
Data Integration & Analytics
Graphical Application Assembly
Graphical Application Assembly
Real-Time Data Visualization
Self-service Real-Time Data Visualization
Data ingestion and distribution for Hadoop
Data ingestion and distribution for Hadoop

DataTorrent Customers


“DataTorrent RTS, which runs on Amazon EMR,is powering  PubMatic’s real-time Ad analytics platform enabling publishers to drive the highest value for their digital media assets. It also enables advertisers to provide consumers with a more personalized advertising experience across display, mobile and video.”


– Sudhir Kulkarni | VP of Data & Analytics


“At Silver Spring we deploy and operate some of the largest, most data-intensive networks on earth, connecting more than 20 million Internet-of-Things devices on five continents.  DataTorrent RTS is an integral component of our SilverLink(tm) Sensor Network solution and together we look forward to inspiring a legion of new developers to create even more powerful big data applications.“

– Jeremy Johnson | Director of Product Management

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Real-Time Event Stream Processing – What are your choices?

A search on Google with “define real-time processing” yields “Batch processing requires separate programs for input, process and output. An example is payroll and billing systems. In contrast, real time data processing involves a continual input, process and output of data. Data must be processed in a small time period (or near real time)”. Emphasis is by Google Search itself.…Read more »

Data Store for Scalable Stream Processing

At DataTorrent, over the past 2.5 years, we have developed RTS, a Hadoop native stream processing platform. At the core, the platform was designed for extreme scalability, low latency and fault tolerance. It is possible to build applications without disk I/O in the data flow, i.e. all processing happens end-to-end in memory and therefore overcomes the typical limiting factor for…Read more »