Real-Time Insights from Streaming Data
Build and deploy real-time applications in minutes, at lower cost
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Application Templates for all your Big Data ingestion use cases
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Real-Time Insights from Streaming Data

Data is everywhere. And better data, captured faster, leads to smarter insights—and better business decisions. DataTorrent offers the leading platform and solutions for real-time streaming data processing for any data type, use case, and industry. Powered by Apache Apex, DataTorrent enables you to build and deploy streaming data applications in minutes instead of hours and reduce the overall cost of operations. What can you do with DataTorrent? Download now or schedule a demo to learn more.

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Why DataTorrent


Speed insight generation, spur action, and accelerate time-to-market


Make data management easier—so you can focus on your core business


Eliminate downtime and data loss

  • Capital One leverages stream processing for real-time risk analysis

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  • Transforming Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data in opportunity

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  • Using real-time streaming ingestion and analytics to fuel smart energy applications

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  • PubMatic enables publishers to maximize Ad revenue

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  • Leading satellite TV provider simplifies complex content payment with data aggregation and analytics

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  • Leading global bank counters money laundering and fraud with DataTorrent

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  • Safeguarding digital entities from cybercriminals with DataTorrent

  • Ingesting and transforming business and social data to deliver a robust B2B database

  • Powering and transforming fraud detection, analytics, and reporting solutions

  • Powering real-time alert platform with DataTorrent

  • Providing software solutions and services to businesses across the globe

  • GeniSIGHTS adopts DataTorrent Ingestion solution to power its platform to help organizations scale analytics

  • ThinkBumbleBee uses DataTorrent to ingest unstructured data to build analytics solutions

  • Providing Big Data consulting and project management services

  • Translating high velocity, high volume human data and machine data into meaningful insights

  • Faichi puts DataTorrent at the center of its streaming analytics platform for healthcare providers