Actionable Insights with Real Time Stream Analytics

Real-Time for the Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Learn about real-time computations on massive amounts of machine-generated data.

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Real-Time for Telecom

Scalable Ingestion and RealTime ETL

Extremely scalable data ingestion and streaming distributed ETL Processing, done fully in memory

DataTorrent provides real-time, actionable insights for a wide range of industries and business applications.

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Real-time value for customers


DataTorrent RTS, which runs on Amazon EMR, is powering PubMatic’s real-time Ad analytics platform enabling publishers to drive the highest value for their digital media assets. It also enables advertisers to provide consumers with a more personalized advertising experience across display, mobile and video.

– Sudhir Kulkarni | VP of Data & Analytics

Proven ROI: Reduce the total cost of ownership

  • Reduce time to market and development time
  • Use commodity hardware and open source Hadoop
  • Leverage your existing infrastructure
  • Simplify management and reduce operational overhead

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