DataTorrent Downloads

DataTorrent RTS includes Apache Apex and is delivered as a virtual appliance (developer sandbox), an installable binary, or a cloud-ready instance.

All packages include a free, non-production that lets you explore all the capabilities of DataTorrent RTS with up to 40GB of processing capacity and community email support. Commercial and time-limited evaluation licenses are available if you need more processing capacity to validate your use case.

DataTorrent RTS - Sandbox Appliance

Quickly build real-time stream and batch data analytics applications with an all-in-one package delivered as an Oracle Virtualbox Appliance. Approx size: 1.19 GB

DataTorrent RTS - Installable Binary

Ingest, transform, and shorten the time to from insight for all your data with the industry’s only production-ready stream & batch processing platform. Delivered as an installable binary file. Approx. size: 78 .6MB

DataTorrent RTS - Cloud Instance

DataTorrent RTS can be easily deployed to the cloud of your choice, and we support your preferred cloud data ecosystem with pre-built connectors for Amazon Kinesis, Azure Event Hub, and more. Please contact us and we will provide you with the deployment script, instructions and a trial license – everything you need to run DataTorrent RTS as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure instance.