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blastup review
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A decade-old social media business called Blastup (formerly Gramblast) offers its clients Instagram profile engagement services. I’ll look into the company’s services and determine the validity of its growth packages in my complete Blastup review below.

Many of you are interested in learning more about Blastup, an Instagram growth startup (formerly known as Gramblast). To see if it’s a good alternative for your social media development, I’ve done the homework and examined their company, services, and reviews.

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Unfortunately, a lot of Instagram growth firms make a lot of claims without following through. I am writing this review now because I believe it is crucial to do your homework on a company before using its services.

I’ll give you a tour of Blastup and its possibly crucial service by explaining some of the basics.

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Blastup Explained

Since Instagram was launched, Blastup has provided social media services to assist users with growing their accounts. They assert that they give their Instagram clients actual interactions (likes, comments, followers, and auto likes).

The business was once known as Gramblast and has been rebranded as Blastup. The reasons for the rebranding aren’t totally known, but some claim that it was due to a copyright issue, as Instagram “owns” the term “Gram” in Gramblast.

The many services they provide are listed at the top of their website:

  • Instagram views
  • Instagram likes
  • Automatic Instagram Likes
  • Instagram followers
  • Automatic Instagram views.

Blastup provides additional online services, such as an Instagram photo downloader and a live follower counter, in addition to these primary ones. You can earn 10 free likes on any post from the website, even if they don’t offer a free trial.

The website states that you receive the following benefits with every order:

  • Real people interacting with your profile
  • Top-notch support
  • Immediate delivery
  • Unbeatable costs

You might have to wait a bit before getting help because the website does not advertise 24-hour support. However, it should be noted that many of the businesses I’ve previously examined that claim to provide 24/7 help don’t truly do so (as per customer reports).

How Blastup Works

The website offers straightforward navigation. Additionally, purchasing from Blastup is an easy process:

  • Choose the Instagram plan you desire
  • Decide on the amount you wish to spend
  • Select “buy now” on the menu
  • Add your Instagram username
  • After making the payment, wait for delivery.

The website promises immediate delivery of your order, but it doesn’t offer a backup deadline in case your purchase isn’t completed on time.

Cost of Blastup

You may get fairly cheap packages at Blastup for their different interaction services. It’s odd that they provide premium Instagram interactions at such a low cost, as most other services are a lot more. This puts into question the quality of their services.

The price ranges for the various packages that Blastup provides are as follows:

Instagram Likes Packages

For Instagram likes, you can get 50 for $1.59 and 2,500 likes for $29.99.

a screenshot that shows how to buy likes

Instagram Views Packages

500 views cost $1.99, and the larger package of 250,000 views costs $249.99.

a screenshot that shows how to buy views

Instagram Followers Packages

You can get up to 100 followers for $2.99 and 1,000 followers for just $9.99.

a screenshot that shows how to buy followers

Auto Likes Packages

Although it requires a monthly fee, Blastup also provides auto likes. You can receive 50 auto likes for $9.99 per month or up to 5,000 auto likes for $349.99 per month with an auto likes month subscription. The firm does not specify, however, whether or not the automatic likes may be shared or if they will all be given to a single post.

a screenshot that shows how to buy auto likes

User Reviews for Blastup

On Blastup’s official website, there are a lot of user reviews. However, to learn more about the reliability of the company’s service, we looked at their client testimonials on the following well-known review sites.

Trustpilot Reviews

The reviews for Blastup on Trustpilot are very bad. Out of 39 reviews, it has only 1.7 stars out of 5.

a screenshot that shows blastup poor rating on trustpilot

Many users have complained that the followers they acquired via Blastup are fake and that, due to using the service, their Instagram accounts have been entirely wiped. Your investment is wasted since your followers gradually drop. This is a major risk because there is no return or guarantee.

Here are some of their Trustpilot reviews from clients.

Michelle claims she didn’t get the promised number of followers. And after a while, the ones she received vanished.

a screenshot that shows a bad review about blastup on trustpilot

Nate Grey claims that after using their service twice, he never received any followers. He also complains about how bad their customer service is; it takes forever to respond, and finally, when they did respond, they said that the service was provided even though it was obviously not.

a screenshot that shows a negative review about blastup on trustpilot

Blastup Scamadviser Reviews 

The trustscore given to Blastup by Scamadvisor is 58 out of 100.

a screenshot that shows blastup poor rating on scamadviser

Blastup gets a 58 trust score from Scamadviser due to its SSL certification, Tranco rating, and several other website-based security certifications. Its low trust rating is caused by the fact that the website’s owner/founder is not known, it has negative reviews, and it is in the business of selling social media engagement services, which is frequently viewed negatively by review websites.

a screenshot that shows an overview of blastup low rating on scamadviser

Is It Safe To Use Blastup?

Being a fairly established company in the industry, Blastup appears to be a legitimate website. However, its on-site false reviews and negative evaluations on sites like Trustpilot raise some red flags. Additionally, we can’t find any information about the founder and location of the business.

Additionally, it does not provide a free trial for customers to try the service out, and several customers have voiced complaints about its subpar customer service (or that they’ve received no support at all).

Blastup also raises some safety issues as well. However, everyone has a different idea of what “safety” is. While some people may only feel secure if their information is kept private, others are fine with businesses knowing some details about them. Others still believe that to feel secure, a business must not keep any consumer information on file.

Although the website is safe (on HTTPS), it does let other users see the information about your purchases. When someone from a specific nation buys a certain number of followers, likes, or views, for instance, a little pop-up window will appear on the lower left side of your screen. Whether or if these are genuine clients, this may discourage individuals from utilizing the service.

Blastup Review: Final Verdict

Does Blastup offer any benefits? Unfortunately, based on my review, I see only a few.

Secured HTTPS website
Many negative Trustpilot reviews 
Cheap prices Bad or no customer support
Bot followers 
No free trial offered

Blastup makes all the same enticing claims about offering high-quality profile interaction as any other Instagram growth service. However, they provide some short-term benefits that eventually disappear. The phony on-site reviews are also rather alarming and speak highly of their service.

On their website, most of the reviews seem to be bogus. It is tough to determine whether or not this service can be trusted because positive evaluations are hard to come across on other websites. Before deciding to use a service like this one, you must look further into the company.

Written by Adisson Shae

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