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With the aid of Mr. Insta, an online social media growth company, you’re promised to strengthen your online presence on platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, and others. This social media development service states that it will increase your following and interaction in a safe, reliable way. But is it a business worth investing in? Read our thorough Mr. Insta review to learn about whether it’s right for you.

One business, Mr. Insta, claims to give users everything they need to boost their profiles. But is this a trustworthy business?

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Back to Mr. Insta, can you count on them to provide you the best outcome? After reading this article, you’ll be able to make your own decision.

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Mr. Insta At a Glance

Mr. Insta is a social media growth company that focuses largely on Instagram, as the name would imply. Mr. Insta claims that its users may receive views, comments, and likes on sites including Soundcloud, Instagram, YouTube, and others.

As a user, you’ll choose between their free and paid services. The service is not truly “free,” as you discover when you take a closer look.

Even though Mr. Insta offers a free trial, using their services will ultimately cost money. Not only that, the company is actually quite expensive for their services. But they still promote themselves as being free, which is really just the start of the issues we have with the company. It is confusing to the customers.

The two service tiers Mr. Insta offers are free IG followers and premium services.

How does the “free” service work?

Use your Instagram login to sign up for the “free option” and then begin following other app users. For each person you follow, you receive “coins.” If you have enough money, you may spend it to grow your following. In essence, that’s it. Additionally, watching advertising for services will allow you to earn these coins. 

Why would someone choose this over simply going for organic growth on Instagram themselves? A growth service provider should offer you the service, rather than manually make you do the work. We think it unusual that this “free” alternative merely requires consumers to complete the task themselves.

Premium services, as opposed to free ones, need upfront payment.

How to Register for Mr. Insta

Utilizing Mr. Insta is quite easy. The following lists the procedure for using their services.

  1. You’ll establish your Mr. Insta account by selecting “Premium Services” from the toolbar or by clicking “Register” in the top right corner.
  1. After choosing “continue,” you will be sent to the “Insta Members Arena.” They won’t ask for your Instagram password; all they need is your email address, Instagram username, and a new password you create.
  1. When you register for a Mr. Insta account, an email with a confirmation link will be issued to the verified address.
  1. You’ll receive a confirmation email upon registration. After clicking the link in the email, you’ll be prompted to choose your interests from a number of categories, including Art & Crafts, Beauty, and more.
  1. The final step is to select a pricing choice, and then you’re finished. They’ll provide the services, which can be provided at different times, throughout the course of the next 24 to 72 hours.

Mr. Insta Packages Explained

Mr. Insta primarily provides likes, views, comments, and followers for Instagram, but it also provides the same services for a number of other social media sites, such as Spotify, Twitter, Pinterest, Twitch, TikTok, and Youtube.

These are the Instagram packages they offer:

Mr. Insta Followers 

You may choose a one-time, weekly, or monthly subscription. A one-time subscription is priced at $10 for 250 followers and increases to $350 for 20,000 followers. A weekly subscription costs $8.50 for 250 followers and $161 for 10,000 followers.

As opposed to this, their subscription fees each month range from $9 for 250 followers to $315 for 20,000.

a screenshot where you can see how to buy followers

UK/USA Followers

Mr. Insta claims that it can provide users with actual followers in the US and the UK. With this package, you may choose the quantity of followers you need, from 10 for $20 to 150 for $250.

Although this bundle is somewhat expensive, it will surely be profitable for businesses targeting the US and UK if it delivers on its claims.

a screenshot where you can see how to buy usa followers

Daily Followers 

The company claims that for $20 per month, $40 per month, and $80 per month, respectively, it can offer customers 15 daily followers, 30 daily followers, and 60 daily followers.

a screenshot where you can see how to buy automatic followers

To be eligible for the chance to get free followers, you must earn 900 coins. The number of followers you will get is not mentioned in this.

Hashtags and Profile Organization

Mr. Insta promises to do research and offers this exclusive hashtags package of 30 hashtags for $60. Additionally, packages of 60 and 90 hashtags are offered for $90 and $120, respectively.

a screenshot where you can see how to buy hashtags research package

Package Deals 

To gain Instagram likes, followers, views, and comments, choose an all-inclusive package from Mr. Insta’s selection. A bundle of 1000 followers costs $50, while a package of 10,000 followers costs $270.

a screenshot where you can see how to buy package deals

Mr. Insta Likes

Mr. Insta offers a variety of likes packages, with prices ranging from $6 for 100 likes to $179 for 50,000 likes.

a screenshot where you can see how to buy likes

Mr. Insta Views 

With their views package, you may choose from a number of options with prices ranging from $3 for 100 views to $199 for 100,000 views.

a screenshot where you can see how to buy views

Mr. Insta Comments 

Price points for the comment packages range from $15 for 10 comments to $80 for 100 comments.

a screenshot where you can see how to buy comments

User Reviews for Mr. Insta

​​It’s important to check user reviews to find out what previous customers of Mr. Insta are saying. We choose to look over the reviews on both platforms since Sitejabber and Trustpilot are reliable third-party review websites.

a screenshot where you can see a negative review about mrinsta on sitejabber
a screenshot where you can see a negative review about mrinsta on trustpilot

The testimonies stated above demonstrate that occasionally using their service results in gaining fake or automated followers. Overall, a large number of customers are happy. However, we cannot ignore the issues that previous customers have faced.

In spite of the fact that the free trial could seduce you with a few actual followers to get you started, premium memberships occasionally provide you false followers.

It seems like a reasonable price considering that 10,000 followers can be acquired for just $161. 10,000 followers—even in a single month—is a sizable number. Mr. Insta doesn’t say how long it will take to provide the findings. Results are promised to start appearing 24 hours after the sale and continue for 72 hours.

Mr. Insta Review: In Summary

It’s time to put together everything we know so far and try to make a decision about whether or not to buy services from Mr. Insta. This table of pros and cons might help.

Refund FriendlyFake Low Quality Followers
No Instagram Password RequiredUnconfirmed positive reviews (farmed reviews?)
HTTPS securedCustomer Service Unreliable
Some services are pricey

For these reasons, and the general reviews we saw, Mr. Insta doesn’t seem to be a scam overall. However, occasionally you could get phony followers who disappear after a while. Additionally, their customer assistance seems to lack reliability. So, in summary, we wouldn’t say to never use this service, but we do recommend that you exercise some caution.

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