Inzta/Hypez Review: Another Scam? Why Did They Shut Down?

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An Instagram growth tool, Inzta/Hypez, was shut down twice, most likely due to engaging in fraudulent activity. It’s wise to understand more about businesses like Inzta/Hypez to avoid purchasing any growth hacking tools from untrustworthy providers. Our complete Inzta/Hypez review will help you make a more informed choice for your social media growth.

Social media platforms are a treasure for influencers, performers, and businesspeople alike—especially the Instagram platform. The objective is always to develop a compelling online profile, but it’s as crucial to select the appropriate target market so that your followers are actually interested and engaged.

Social media growth tools might be useful if you want to quickly enhance your growth. They free up your time so you can concentrate on other things, like producing top-notch content.

We suggest taking a look at Skweezer if you want to safely grow your Instagram fan base. Although we don’t frequently endorse certain development services, we can say that this one is a true growth tool based on the positive evaluations and our own in-depth analysis. Click here to learn additional details regarding Skweezer in our review.

Many growth businesses release technologies, though, that are a waste of time and money and don’t live up to your expectations. Inzta/Hypez is one such tool that underwent two brand changes but was nevertheless banned and taken down from the internet.

To better protect yourself against growth services that won’t provide you with the value you require, learn more about Inzta/Hypez and the reasons it was discontinued.

In the meanwhile, you may want to look at these reliable alternatives that offer comparable services:

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Inzta/Hypez Explained

We will concentrate on what Hypez and Inzta were prior to their closure. The original purpose of Inzta/Hypez was to increase growth on social media platforms, particularly Instagram.

Hypez has been in operation for some time; it was founded several years ago. Even though this growth tool changed to a new name, “Inzta,” many still refer to it by its previous title, “Hypez.” Even their official website, which directed readers to Inzta, utilized the name.

The service didn’t change in any way, though. Even the logo and user interface seem to be the same; the name was just altered. In the end, it seems that it wasn’t enough to keep things going, as it was subsequently completely shut down.

How Inzta/Hypez Worked

Instagram likes, followers, and views were sold by Inzta/Hypez. That was it. No audience targeting, automated processes, or filters were applied to their service offerings.

Customers typically ended up with followers of questionable quality, some of whom would not even be active on the site. This is opposed to getting followers who would be interested to actually engage with your material.

Your Instagram account may also be canceled since these actions violate Instagram’s terms and conditions for buying fake/bot followers and engagement.

We don’t believe that is a long-term answer, despite Inzta/Hypez’s claims that they will offer you additional followers if any of your current ones abandon you.

Inzta/Hypez Services & Prices 

These are the major benefits Inzta/Hypez promised to provide for its clients.

Adding Followers

Customers of Inzta/Hypez could buy Instagram followers in quantities of 100 to 1000. The major reason individuals use Instagram growth tools is to get followers, therefore, it seems obvious that this was Hypez’s main objective.

We must now determine if they provided excellent followers. Although Inzta/Hypez may have promised you a certain amount of followers, the followers’ quality is actually rather low.


The issue was that most of these followers came from Inzta/Hypez-operated bots or fraudulent accounts. This implies that clients will gradually lose a following when Instagram finally deletes them.

Take a look at these Trustpilot reviews from former clients.

a screenshot from trustpilot website about hypez left by a customer warning people that followers ordered will disappear
a screenshot from trustpilot website about hypez left by a customer claiming never having received their order and unable to reach customer service to solve their issue

Boosting Likes

The number of likes was not always consistent, much like with followers. Although Inzta/Hypez gave the precise amount of likes you bought, they progressively vanished since many of them were from bogus profiles.

A service like this is only helpful if you want a sharp rise in the number of likes on your most recent video. This is true because having more likes increases the likelihood that your video will be viewed by the people who matter most to you—your target audience. Although it could provide you with a short-term lift, you shouldn’t rely on it for long-term development.

Providing Video Views

Here, nothing stood out either. These come from automatic accounts in the great majority of cases. Due to the fact that relatively few individuals are interested in video views, these were also the least common.

Prices of the Services

Prices for 100 followers to 10,000 followers on Inzta/Hypez ranged from $1.99 to $49.99, respectively.

These weren’t the most expensive pricing, but consider the risk that all of your followers may vanish a few weeks after you get them.

Purchasing followers was not worthwhile, regardless of the package size, since you would soon lose the most, if not all, of them.

The biggest problem for the business was that they needed to work a little more if they wanted to retain their current or potential customers. It wasn’t in their best interests to allow users to purchase followers and then provide unreliable follower profiles that eventually vanish. They ought to have focused on fixing these flaws in addition to the rebranding so that the same difficulties did not arise following the relaunch.

Even after rebranding, their tool had not improved. They were once again forced to close operations due to their continued failure to deliver high-quality services.

Was Inzta/Hypez Safe?

Before using the word “scam,” we should exercise caution because it is quite a serious charge. By “scam,” we refer to a certain method of operating or technique of doing business.

In other words, former Hypez wasn’t telling the truth about what they were selling, which is why we refer to them as scams. Making up information to obtain something from someone while failing to provide the promised service is known as scamming them. or occasionally by offering nothing at all.

If you fail to provide a customer with the service you agreed to provide, your company will suffer as a result. Inzta/Hypez experienced just that.

Because the followers they gained sometimes vanished after a few days, many customers had a negative experience with their service. If your whole company depends on growing Instagram, yet your one and only offering fails, it makes sense why they failed.

Given this information, would you use this service to buy Instagram followers if it were still available?

Nobody likes having to deal with the fallout from providing their credit card information to a shady website. To prevent any future hassles, always do your homework before using any social media development service.

Why Inzta/Hypez Closed

We have looked at the most likely causes of this company’s failure, not just once but twice. I think the following hypotheses make the most sense.

Customer Dissatisfaction

The most plausible answer could be this one. Customers’ frustration at the lack of consistency in their service and the fake followers is easy to understand. They might have lost all of their clients, gone bankrupt, and had no more additional customers come through from bad reviews.

Banned From Instagram

It’s possible that the Instagram algorithm discovered the bogus followers immediately and blocked them as a result.

Not Enough Website Traffic

They may have closed if they couldn’t attract enough visitors to their website to get new prospects. Perhaps their marketing was poor.

Inzta/Hypez Review: Our Verdict

It’s unusual for a website to be taken down once to rebrand, and it’s stranger when the same website is taken down again.

Let’s examine what they did incorrectly to understand the full picture.

Safe HTTPS website Not genuine followers
AffordableRebranded without changing anything substantial for customers
Followers were deleted from Instagram
Customer reviews were not good
No free trial was provided

It is obvious that the people in charge of this website didn’t care to correct their previous errors when given a second chance. It is crucial to satisfy your customers’ demands; if you fail to do so twice, there is a serious problem.

Regardless of the website you select, we firmly advise you to conduct more research on a service before deciding what to do. Because of their incompetence, websites might cause your Instagram account to be suspended, in addition to taking your money for nothing in return.

Written by Adisson Shae

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