SocialShop Review: What Happened to It? Another Scam ?

SocialShop Review
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A social media marketing platform called SocialShop offered its users likes, comments, followers, and profile interaction. Because of its inefficient operations, the service shut down. Discover more in this Socialshop review to learn how to steer clear of dishonest growth services in the future.

People frequently outsource their following and engagement on their social media platforms to Instagram growth firms. Numerous new platforms are introduced with the assurance of real services, secure expansion, money-back warranties, etc. And then, without warning, they disappear from the internet.

Let us first suggest Skweezer as a viable option to SocialShop before moving on to the review. We don’t often highly suggest growth services, but this one is an exception. Skweezer is an Instagram growth tool that offers its clients actual followers and interaction. According to reviews, they have thousands of satisfied users. Read our Skweezer review right here.

SocialShop was one such method for Instagram development. As of September 2022, SocialShop is no longer operational. What happened? Learn more about the reasons for its closure to help you steer clear of these untrustworthy services in the future in this SocialShop review.

Having a few additional options to choose from is never a bad thing. Check out these, for instance:

Growth ServiceAverage RatingPrice
Skweezer4.76Check Price
GramFuel4.3Check Price
HOOTVIEW4.1Check Price
Tableview4.0Check Price

SocialShop Explained

Another firm that claimed to provide its consumer’s likes, comments, followers, subscribers, etc. on social media is SocialShop. The service is no longer available, and the only place you can access its webpage online is in internet archives.

a screenshot of socialshop homepage before it got shutdown

Multiple social media sites, including Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, and Facebook, were supported by SocialShop’s services. We’ll concentrate on its Instagram services in this assessment.

How SocialShop Worked

You are unable to visit their website to discover how it functions because the service is no longer offered. To assist you to distinguish between a legitimate service and a scam, we have described how it operated and the data it requested in this article.

You had to go to SocialShop’s website and choose the plan you wanted in order to place an order. The website sent you to a different page where you selected the desired package to then make the payment (which required you to enter your Instagram ID).

It seemed like a simple process, but was it successful? In terms of speed and quality, what type of service did you expect?

Your Instagram account can be suspended as a result of SocialShop’s instant delivery since it appears that you are purchasing followers rather than naturally expanding your following.

The numerous  Trustpilot reviews highlighting this same issue show that Instagram’s technology will promptly erase any suspiciously large number of followers on your profile. Look for growth services that promise to offer followers gradually if you intend to buy followers from them.

Another essential element to take into account was the quality of the followers you may purchase. How genuine were the followers you could acquire using SocialShop?

This company claimed that the followers were actual individuals that used Instagram in a similar manner as you. If that’s the case, these identities would stay on your profile and keep responding to your posts because of their sincere interest.

However, a more thorough examination of the evaluations demonstrates that this is untrue. In the review section, we will go into more detail about why followers didn’t stay.

SocialShop essentially sold false accounts in addition to a predetermined amount of actual followers. These profiles are largely from China and India. They are typically easy to identify because they don’t typically have a profile photo or any postings.

Due to the lack of an SSL installation on their website, many consumers were concerned when using their service and were unsure whether or not to provide their payment information.

SocialShop Packages

Users of SocialShop’s Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud accounts could choose from various services.

Here is what they advertised to Instagram users back when it was still active.

  • Instagram likes, followers, views, and comments of the highest caliber
  • 100% risk-free usage
  • Email assistance
  • Extra-rapid delivery
  • Automatic likes without a password
  • Divide your view bundles across the various videos
  • Comments on Instagram content.

SocialShop provided services for a number of social media networks, but their primary emphasis was Instagram. They offered users a selection of packages from which to pick. Their standard bundle ranged from 150 likes and followers for $100 to 100 followers and 100 likes for $3.

a screenshot of the services socialshop used to sell on their website

Rarely can you use a service to get 100% real followers. However, SocialShop asserted that it would provide real followers. Regardless of those claims, Instagram may get suspicious if you suddenly gain a large number of followers, and your account may be banned as a result.

Numerous customer reviews claimed that phony followers on Instagram were to blame for their Instagram account being suspended. Others mentioned the sharp decline in followers after a few days.

However, several individuals also reported that they attracted a sizable number of genuine followers and stuck around for a long time. Even still, there were fewer real followers than there were fake ones.

Companies seldom combine these two incentives since their expenses are often comparable. When you consider that users could wish to utilize other services to enhance their Instagram profiles, such as comments or views, offering followers and likes as a single bundle appears limited.

Instagram has made significant progress in recent years, giving businesses the chance to profit from its numerous features.

Even if SocialShop turned out to be the wrong solution for your needs, the rates were still fair, and even if you selected the most costly plan, it wouldn’t break the bank. 

While it can appear enticing, instant delivery is not the best option. Your followers are frequently of poor quality and may vanish in a short period of time. Additionally, these kinds of purchases are not allowed by Instagram’s algorithm.

Any sign of an inorganic invasion might be detrimental to your account. Nobody desires that.

SocialShop User Reviews

Regardless of the service offered on their website. A service’s legitimacy may be determined by its user reviews, particularly on reputable websites.

Even if the website is no longer active, you may still read consumer testimonials. The only profile we could discover on a well-known website was on Trustpilot

a screenshot taken from trustpilot website about socialshop

Google directs you to Trustpilot when you seek for SocialShop reviews. On this trustworthy website, this service has a very bad reputation, and every Trustpilot review is unfavorable.

Look at these two examples of former SocialShop clients who were utterly dissatisfied with the service:

Myra Denise accuses the firm of being a fraud and of lying since she spent a lot of money for a small number of followers who eventually stopped following her.

a screenshot of an angry customer that left a review on trustpilot about the bad quality of the services

Randy Jones bought 100 Twitter followers and they vanished just days later. 

a screenshot left by an angry customer on trustpilot claiming that the quality of the followers were not reliable and dropped fast

You’ll discover that many other people have experienced the same problems if you read a few more reviews.

After utilizing SocialShop, several buyers claim they never received their followers or that the follower interaction was abruptly erased.

SocialShop Advantages & Disadvantages

Was SocialShop entirely negative, or was there some good? View our list of advantages and disadvantages.

Lots of bundle offers availableNegative Trustpilot ratings
Compared to other services, the cost is reasonableBot likes, followers, & engagement
Customer service was absent
No refund
No risk-free trial was offered
Not an HTTPS-secured website

SocialShop: Final Verdict

Like every social media development service, SocialShop had advantages and disadvantages. However, because of the unreliable payment option and security concerns with the website, we would not advise using SocialShop. Furthermore, their service was clearly fraudulent based on unfavorable client feedback, which can be found mostly on reputable websites.

You are probably aware that SocialShop is currently having trouble. Purchasing from this company would not be a wise decision. If it returns, we advise waiting to see what occurs. The abrupt removal of SocialShop from the internet, which leaves much about it unclear, has left many people perplexed to this day.

You will get some real followers, but you’ll also get a lot of fake ones, so be aware of their hollow promises. Avoid trying things that won’t work on Instagram if you want to expand your following.

Written by Adisson Shae

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