InstaBoostGram Review -Why Did They Shutdown? *Read Now*

InstaBoostGram Review
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InstaBoostGram, an Instagram growth tool, claimed to widen users’ networks and boost account activity on social media. However, the service has been closed. Learn more about how they worked and the reasons it was shut down in our InstaBoostGram review.

Numerous new tools for Instagram growth are released on the market regularly. One of them is InstaBoostGram. The service was discontinued. It’s unclear as to what happened to cause the shutdown as it was still operational at the beginning of 2022.

We want to direct your attention to Skweezer, another Instagram growth tool before we fully evaluate InstaBoostGram. It may be difficult to find high-quality websites, thus, it’s uncommon for us to advocate any of these growth services. However, Skweezer is the InstaBoostGram replacement that we can wholeheartedly recommend. This Instagram growth solution is honest since it uses real user engagement on real profiles. Read more about them in this whole Skweezer review.

Our study shows that poor customer feedback and technical issues are the main reasons for the sudden termination. We thoroughly examined the operation of the service and, ultimately, the ways they failed to live up to their claims. Hopefully, our review will assist you to avoid utilizing questionable growth services like InstaBoostGram in the future.

You can check out some of the active services that still give their users pretty good service right here:

Growth ServiceAverage RatingPrice
Skweezer4.76Check Price
GramFuel4.3Check Price
HOOTVIEW4.1Check Price
Tableview4.0Check Price

InstaBoostGram: How Did it Work?

What services did InstaBoostGram offer, and how did it work? 

Customers could access services like Instagram likes, followers, and video views from the Instagram growth company InstaBoostGram. Similar packages were also made accessible for Spotify, TikTok, and other social media platforms, including YouTube.

Each Package included

  • Quick online delivery with privacy protection
  • Ease of selecting the service
  • No need for a password
  • InstaBoostGram further states that it offers Order Tracking and 24/7 support.

InstaBoostGram has the benefit of being quick and simple to use. Users initially select a plan that interests them. They then provided the information for their Instagram account and finished the checkout process.

For security purposes, InstaBoostGram never asked for your password. Any service that asks for this data is most likely a scam.

InstaBoostGram Services Explained

InstaBoostGram offers services for Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram. We’ll go deeper into its Instagram-related services in this review.

Adding Followers 

There were several bundles offered by InstaBoostGram, all of which, as they stated, featured actual followers, prompt delivery, and security. We weren’t sure what the last advantage meant, but it sounds excellent.

Customers of InstaBoostGram have the option of choosing between “Premium” and “High-Quality” followers. The only difference between the two packages was the price. According to InstaBoostGram, unlike most other services, the followers would never disappear (where after a few days, the gained followers start to drop).

InstaBoostGram’s previous service, the concept of speedy delivery, proved troublesome. This is only safe if you have a smaller following, such as when you purchase a package from a company that adds fewer than 1,000 new followers. Any more than that, Instagram is probably going to notice your account’s erroneous growth and flag it as being against the rules, leading to account suspension or termination.

Getting Likes 

There were simple and automated likes available. The number of likes would increase each time you uploaded a new picture, with a daily limit of four images.

However, there are many negative customer reviews and a significant drawback to the service. We’ll examine these evaluations in more detail later.


You had the choice to choose a package on InstaBoostGram that suited your requirements and price range.

  1. From a pool of 10,000, you received 100 followers between $2.89 and $59.99.
  2. For comments from 10 to 1000 consumers, they ranged in price from $7.99 to $155.99.
  3. 250 to 1,000,000 story views for $1.99 to $999.99.
  4. Auto Likes for $49.00 to $1099. 
  5. 500 to 500,000 Video views for between $4.49 and $999. 
  6. 100-10,000 likes for products between $2.89 to $299.99.

Customer Reviews of InstaBoostGram

It is clear why the service was canceled after reading the InstaBoostGram user reviews. Although using the service could have certain benefits, it also has drawbacks that cannot be avoided. Users with negative experiences with their platform claimed that the problems were too serious for them to advise others to use it.

In order to find out what people had to say about InstaBoostGram, we went to Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

Trustpilot Reviews for InstaBoostGram

a screenshot of instaboostgram on trustpilot

According to the Trustpilot ratings, InstaBoostGram users didn’t have a positive experience with the service.

James Magnolia alleges that the company’s customer care did not try to restock the number of followers he purchased, which has substantially reduced. According to him, their premium service seems to provide James followers from hijacked kids accounts.

a screenshot of 1 star review left on trustpilot by a customer complaining about the lack of customer service response and not honoring their engagement

Alessio S. said that InstaBoostGram’s service was not trustworthy, and when she tried to speak to customer support, they didn’t help.

a screenshot of 1 star review left on trustpilot by a customer complaining about the quality of the followers received

Parmeet claimed that their service was okay, and even though they lost some followers, they didn’t mind.

a 5 star review left by a customer on trustpilot saying they were overall happy with the quality of the followers they received

Sitejabber Reviews for InstaBoostGram

InstaBoostGram had 178 reviews on Sitejabber and an overall rating of 2.75 stars.

a screenshot of Instaboostgram on sitejabber website

Giselle M said that the support was terrible and she never got the refund she requested.  

a screenshot of negative review left on sitejabber by a customer claiming that they take back their service and do not replace and got blocked by the admins

InstaBoostGram Closed

We surmized that the service was closed due to a few different reasons, including the following:

Follower Service

Many customers raised concern that the followers appeared unreliable because they were brand-new accounts with no posts, no profile pictures, and strange names. There is no sense that these are superior or “premium” followers.

Poor Customer Support

One of the most glaring faults was the poor customer service. Customers criticized the business for providing harsh, obstinate, and hostile customer service. The reasons their business collapsed are fairly obvious. Any company that provides subpar customer service will eventually fail.

Bad Privacy Protection 

If the claims made by a number of customers are true, this company is breaking the law by charging customers without first alerting them. That is wrong and immoral.

The following client feedback confirms the accuracy of these claims.

a 1 star review left by a customer on trustpilot website saying that they stole their credit card information and made unauthorized charges

We don’t know for sure why this website was taken down. However, considering what users have said about this service, we don’t even need to completely understand the real reason behind their closure.

It can be because they provide bad customer service or because customers have sued them for financial theft. Since clients bring lawsuits when they’re afraid, this happens frequently. Alternatively, they could have been closed down as a result of client credit card theft.

InstaBoostGram Safety

The service’s termination proves it wasn’t secure. Customer reviews that highlight how disappointing the service was may be found on many reliable sites.

SiteJabber and Trust Pilot customer reviews indicated that the service was not worthwhile.

Your Instagram profile or personal information was not secure. It provided poor service and flagrantly deceived clients.

They marketed questionable services and purportedly offered phony followers, endangering the security of your Instagram account.


Simple website navigationTerrible customer support
Didn’t ask for your passwordNo free trial provided
Not a HTTPS-secured website
Not authentic followers & engagement
Negative reviews

InstaBoostGram Review: Our Conclusion

We are aware that it may be difficult to distinguish between a legitimate service provider and a fake one, especially with the abundance of them on the market currently. The best way to keep Instagram growing organically and steadily is to select a service you can fully rely on and create high-quality content.

In order to give an account a rapid boost, Instagram growth services may be of great help. However, do your homework before making any final purchases.

Written by Adisson Shae

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