RiseSocial Review: Were They Another Scam?

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Joining the ranks of many other social media boosting sites, RiseSocial made big claims to help you grow your social media following and skyrocket your engagement. However, customer reviews – and the strange disappearance of this site – tell a different story. Learn more about what happened to them in this honest Risesocial review and what a better alternative is.

With the recent popularity of outsourcing followers and engagement for social media, scam sites that make huge promises and simply don’t deliver have also entered the market. Some sites are still up and running, providing super cheap packages for purchasing followers and interactions for popular sites like Instagram. When we look a little deeper at the customer reviews of the platforms, however, we soon learn how shady their tactics are, and how risky their service is. 

The reason why it can be a risk to implement social media growth tools is that purchasing huge amounts of followers that are bot accounts can be quite easily flagged by Instagram as fraud. This can lead to your account being suspended, or shut down entirely. 

RiseSocial was one platform that said all the right things and offered packages that seemed too good to be true – which turned out, they were. Its service is now closed, and there have been many speculations as to why. 

Before going any further, it’s no surprise if this company went kaboom (and they’re gone for good). If you’re really looking to grow your followers on Instagram, we recommend you opt for Skweezer for that boost. You can read my unbiased Skweezer review to see why I always recommend them.

In short, dishonest service and dissatisfied customers seems to be the most likely answer. Learn more about RiseSocial and what happened so that you can more effectively identify scam sites like this in the future. That way, if you are looking for an Instagram growth service, you know how to spot a fake from a more helpful alternative. 

Also, here are a few other good ways to grow your Instagram account if the first one doesn’t work.

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What Was RiseSocial?

RiseSocial was an Instagram growth tool that claimed to help people get more followers, likes, views, and engagement on Instagram. 

While we were researching the RiseSocial platform and what it offered, we discovered that the website had done more harm than good to many customers.

A reliable Instagram growth tool should be able to give its customers organic leads on followers, likes, and engagement. But, in the case of RiseSocial, there was almost no single positive review about the website.

The last customer’s review of the company dated back to the 26th of April 2019; from our guess, that was around when the website went down. The website now leads to the domain for sale:

a screenshot of risesocial for sale page

But, to know how the website homepage was when it was working, we had to surf the web, and fortunately, we came across a picture of their former homepage. Judging from their homepage, they focused on Instagram followers, which they claim to have been “active” (in other words, real users). 

a screenshot of risesocial original homepage

However, the acclaimed standard came into question from the reviews of their customers back then, as well as website review articles that have been posted since it closed down. The general consensus is that It seemed that RiseSocial engaged in the use of bots for their services. 

Using bots will result in selling you fake followers as a customer. So, when Instagram notices you bought fake followers, you are subject to their disciplinary actions. Note that Instagram reserves the right or authority to block or ban your account or at the very least, delete your accrued fake followers.

Was RiseSocial Legit?

We definitely can’t say that this was a legit growth service.

From various customer reviews on Trustpilot, RiseSocial is gone for good. The picture below shows that the star rating for RiseSocial was just 2.2 out of 5. And 89% of the reviews are bad, 11% are poor, and average, great, excellent ratings are 0%, respectively. 

a screenshot of the risesocial Trustpilot page

On the 1st of January, 2019, a customer reviewed that they kept charging him even after he canceled and stopped replying to their emails. See his review below.

SCAM!! I had to change credit cards because they kept charging me after I cancelled and never replied to emails…

Another review from a customer reveals that she paid for 20 weeks of service and was cut off after only three weeks forfeiting the remaining 17 weeks.

a screenshot of another negative review about risesocial on Trustpilot

Lucilia Leger claimed RiseSocial got her Instagram account locked, and they refused to lend a helping hand. Her full review shares:

They got my IG locked out and refused to take any responsibility or even help! Just wanted to cover their own back and didn’t care at all!!

Careful, be aware!

Honestly, what got me the most was that they did not care at all! Not one bit. As a business owner, customer care comes first! Treat your clients with respect and have some empathy for people. Will take you a long way!

The below customer acknowledged that he noticed strange attempted logins on his Instagram account. Why was this possible? He received an email to provide his Instagram account password. See the full details below.

a screenshot of an angry customer who left a negative review on Trustpilot

Most of these customers gave them just a 1-star rating which signifies how displeased they were with RiseSocial Services. It wasn’t hard to conclude that RiseSocial was not a legit Instagram growth tool. You can confirm the authenticity of the reviews above on RiseSocial’s Trustpilot Reviews.

Pros and Cons of RiseSocial

To offer a balanced point of view, let’s look deeper into the pros and cons of RiseSocial and see what positives (if any) they might have offered.

It had a secure website (HTTPS)Poor customer service
They “sounded” promising ( didn’t live up to their claims)Fake engagements
Exposing customer's sensitive data
Blocking customers' Instagram accounts
Unreliable and untrustworthy services

Cons of RiseSocial (Thorough)

  • Poor customer service

We found RiseSocial wanting in terms of customer service. How would you feel if you reached out to a company that you’ve given money to without any reply? That’s a huge red flag.

  • Fake engagements

The various engagements that RiseSocial gave users on Instagram, such as followers, likes, and views, were not real. And Instagram can sanction your account for harboring fake engagements.

  • Exposing customer’s sensitive data

This fact is a warning sign for a customer if a website requests sensitive information such as your Instagram account’s password and likes. A safe and reliable company would never need that.

  • Blocking customers’ accounts

RiseSocial actions most times cost some customers their Instagram accounts. Why? The website used bot bots while rendering the engagement services it claimed to offer. Having your profile taken down when you believe that you’ve used a legit service would definitely feel disheartening. 

  • Unreliable and untrustworthy services

Due to a series of complaints from customers agitating about multiple logins on their accounts, this was shady behavior to say the least. What was RiseSocial doing logging into their customer’s accounts?

What We’ve Learned

We think Instagram is on the right track in sanctioning unsafe services. It gives rise to platforms that are actually making good on their promises, as they won’t risk receiving bad rapport from their users if things go wrong.

The bottom line is, beware of fraudulent Instagram growth tools that can cost you your account! Reading the experience of people who have reviewed RiseSocial can help you spot the fakes.

Written by Adisson Shae

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