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ViralRace Review: What Happened To This Service? Read Now

a screenshot showing viralrace landing page
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YoViral is another Instagram growth service that has rebranded itself as ViralRace and continued offering its service to Instagram users. However, has the tool updated its service too? Is it worth investing in their website? Find out in this ViralRace review.

There are a lot of services out there that claim they can help you grow your Instagram following, but be careful of those that use fake followers or bots – it could do more harm than good for your business in the long run.

Choosing safe Instagram growth services is crucial for your online success. However, working with an Instagram growth firm that isn’t official or proven can negatively influence your social media reputation. You must always do additional research to discover their good as well as bad qualities.

Before moving further, we suggest you try out Skweezer, a unique service that we believe is worth your time to consider. Our comprehensive review will give you a clear picture of the company and its services.

In this review, we will share what you need to know about the ViralRace service, and what has changed in the service since its rebranding, plus, whether we think it’s a viable option to use. 

Here, let me just five more seconds to suggest a few more options. You should also go check them out because you won’t be sorry you did.

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YoViral What Happened?

YoViral was a tool that had been around since the beginning of Instagram. Its goal was to assist its users in increasing interaction and their Instagram account statistics to boost their growth.

“Grow your Instagram today” was one of the clear value propositions that the company promoted.

Such lines capture the audience’s attention and tempt them to buy the service – it’s clear what they’re getting, right? Turns out, the company didn’t live up to expectations. 

When you try to enter the YoViral website now, this is what you will see instead:

screenshot of yoviral website when trying to visit it. It is showing a sorry message saying the website is not working at the moment

Has YoViral Completely Shut Down?

The company YoViral is no longer operational. They have rebranded, but the exact reason for this is unknown. There are a few possible explanations, but nothing has been confirmed.

YoViral has left its old domain and built a new image with a new domain, “ViralRace.” In other words, the company has rebranded. YoViral’s reasoning for this change is currently unclear, but our research has uncovered some possible explanations.

What is ViralRace?

Not much has changed with ViralRace since its rebranding. It is still an Instagram-growth service that helps users boost their Instagram accounts by likes, followers, and views.

The new homepage is clear. All you need to know about the services they provide can be easily seen and read by scrolling down the bottom of the page. That’s one positive right there since user experience on webpages like this is important to encourage people to sign-up. 

a screenshot showing viralrace landing page

The only thing that concerns us is the lack of information about YoViral/ViralRace’s origins, as there was a lack of information about its previous version as well. They never mention the rebrand on their site. 

How Does ViralRace Work? 

Purchasing something on ViralRace is a breeze. The website’s layout makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, and you don’t need to give them your Instagram password. Most other similar services requesting passwords upfront are red flags as such private information shouldn’t be needed for the services they offer.  

To buy the service, all you have to do is:

  • Select a package you want
  • Put your Instagram username and billing information
  • Wait for the followers/engagement to increase.

ViralRace Features

There isn’t a lot of information available about ViralRace. From what we can tell, this new company is supposed to be “the most trusted source of Instagram engagement.”

ViralRace has the following packages available:

Instagram Views

This is one of the features that Instagram has recently added, but it isn’t particularly essential to clients compared to other services like comments and likes. The straightforward explanation: visible figures (numbers of likes, etc) are more appealing than ambiguous figures like views. 

Instagram Followers

Many customers want to increase their Instagram following because they hope to get real followers who like and comment on their posts and eventually turn into loyal customers (if it’s a business).

Instagram Likes

A high number of likes is what many clients request. The quality and permanence of these likes are more important, though. Auto-liking services give temporary results that won’t help your business in the long run, as the likes don’t translate into real, engaged consumers. 

ViralRace claims to offer a solution by giving you real, permanent engagement from qualified users. But is the promise of providing genuine likes real? Or is it just another empty claim? We’ll find out in our customer review section.

ViralRace Pricing

ViralRace is a social media growth company, but what sets them apart is its dedication to Instagram only. They pride themselves on being the most reliable source of engagement and claim to sell real followers, likes, and views on Instagram.

Is this really true? Based on what we know, it’s probably not accurate, but let’s hold off on making any decisions until we consider all the facts.

What exactly does their service include?

Instagram Followers

ViralRace offers plans that come with anywhere from 100 to 10,000 followers. This is one of the most affordable services you’ll find in terms of price. You can purchase 100 followers for just $2.99 or get the largest package for only $99.99.

a screenshot showing viralrace instagram followers offers

It almost sounds too good to be true. Although high-quality followers don’t have to break the bank, they aren’t free either. Not to mention the promises they make for such a low price: genuine followers, immediate delivery, significant retention rate, and engaged consumers.

Instagram Views

The same goes for views, with offers progressing from 100 views ($2.99) to 20,000 ($99.99). You’re promised a high retention rate when you sign up, which makes no sense because video views aren’t lost; you can’t unsee a video.

a screenshot showing viralrace instagram views offers

However, views don’t increase the engagement rate. You can buy views from ViralRace for a low price if you want to.

Instagram Likes

The likes are available in 50 -10,000 likes for $3.89 to $70.99, respectively. They’re also rather inexpensive, like the followers. You’re less likely to get caught by Instagram for buying likes from bots because you’re purchasing real ones. At least, that’s what they are claiming.

a screenshot showing viralrace instagram likes offers

The one drawback is that likes cannot be divided among multiple pictures – if you purchase 10,000 likes, they all go to one post. You can also request more likes, up to 50,000.

ViralRace Website Rating Vs Trustpilot Ratings

Customer reviews make a real difference when it comes to any online service. Reviews help more customers either use a service or completely avoid it. However, the difference between ViralRace on-site reviews and its Trustpilot reviews leaves us head-scratching whether to believe the legitness of this service or not.

ViralRace advertises a 4.75 rating on the homepage, but is this an accurate portrayal? Of course, a company won’t be showing negative reviews on its official website.

Their on-site reviews show us that customers love this growth service, as evidenced by the gleaming reviews on the homepage. Here are a few examples:

a screenshot from viralrace website showing unverified positive reviews left by customers

If you believe them, ViralRace is the one-stop shop for Instagram boosting. 

However, their Trustpilot reviews indicate the service is very poor. Customers are not happy at all, and here are some comments we would recommend you read.

a screenshot showing a review on trustpilot left by a viralrace customer warning users not to buy from their website because the followers are not stable
a screenshot showing a review on trustpilot left by a viralrace customer claiming that the followers are fake and regret buying them

The comments you read a moment ago were just a fabrication. Here, you can read what people actually think. Positive reviews exist, but they are difficult to find amongst all the negative reviews.

ViralRace Review: Final Thoughts

Before moving to the final verdict, let’s have a quick overview of ViralRace’s pros and cons.

Reasonable PricingPoor Trustpilot reviews
Easy-to-use procedurePoor customer support 
No Paypal available 
Lack of real on-site reviews
Rebranded without giving any reason

Now that we have gone through the different aspects of how ViralRace works, would you consider using it in the near future?

It all depends on how much you’re willing to risk. Negative reviews seem to be the most prevalent. Despite its appealing features, we must consider ViralRace’s drawbacks.

Although ViralRace’s follower package price is tempting, we suggest you think twice before buying. ViralRace seems to be of low-quality in what you’re getting; it’s clear that other services offer better value.

Written by Adisson Shae

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