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Social Media Growth With AudienceGain: Is It Legit?

AudienceGain Review
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AudienceGain provides a comprehensive social media growth solution. For a variety of social media networks, including Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, and others, you get followers, likes, and views. But is AudienceGain a trustworthy website?

Numerous new boosting services are launched every day as a result of the intensifying rivalry on social media between companies and influencers. People are looking for more exposure, and using a growth service solution is one method to remain ahead of the competition. You may learn more from this AudienceGain review before investing in this service.

However, it’s critical to understand if you’re working with a reputable business or one that is only after your money and doesn’t live up to its promises.

AudienceGain may be well-known to those who have experience in digital marketing or have sought a way to build their social media following. The website makes unequivocal claims about the benefits of its services. However, is AudienceGain as reliable as it promises to be?

Before continuing, we want to share with our readers that Skweezer is a solid choice for your Instagram growth. It has a proven track record of keeping its word and has received a number of positive reviews. To understand more, read our in-depth Skweezer review.

Before we dive into this review in detail I would like to share a couple of alternatives that actually work.

Growth ServiceAverage RatingPrice
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GramFuel4.3Check Price
HOOTVIEW4.1Check Price
Tableview4.0Check Price

Let’s now to see in this review what benefits it offers users, and, if they should shell out money for it.

AudienceGain Summary

By helping users on eight social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitch, and Soundcloud, AudienceGain claims to increase your online visibility.

The organization guarantees that it won’t get you banned from these networks while also promising to provide you with a significant number of real followers overnight. For most people, the thought of having millions of followers is quite alluring. Do they have the ability to fulfill this promise, though?

On top of “offering exceptional services,” AudienceGain, according to its website, also offers a money-back guarantee. Since it allows clients more assurance to test out those products or services “risk-free,” this is a helpful selling point for any business that sells goods and services.

AudienceGain: Social Media Services

Their homepage appears to place a strong emphasis on the advantages of having a well-designed website, their website optimization services, and other pertinent topics. We searched the whole website to locate the social media services because the focus of this review is on AudienceGain’s Instagram services. This turned out to be really challenging.

A screenshot of audiencegain landing page where their sales pitch is about web design

Unfortunately, locating their social networking services is difficult at first for every visitor. The only selection available in the menu bar dropdown on their website is “Basic Website Design.”

a screenshot of audiencegain web menu featuring web design as their service

In order to access the websites for social media growth, you must select social media services from the Google search phrase “solution for content creators.” That in itself is concerning because we had to return to Google after struggling to find it on their website. Strangely, finding their social media growth service is difficult.

a screenshot when we search for audiencegain on google

In addition to being unsuccessful for the Google algorithm, we don’t believe it’s a good idea for a company to have such a complicated procedure for people to access their services. This is alarming for a website that claims to be an SEO specialist and promises to boost your social media visibility.

a screenshot of audiencegain YouTube monetizing service

When you get on this website, you’ll see that they provide tools for expanding social media. You may choose among networks like Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and others.

YouTube takes precedence over all other social networking sites in their service priority. Our analysis in this post will, however, focus on their Instagram service.

AudienceGain Packages & Prices

This business offers the usual type of services to promote your social media account. There are packages to manually increase your likes and follows, as well as auto-likes. While buying Auto Likes, however, more care should be used. 

According to multiple users who have had this happen to them, Instagram may suspend your account if they believe you have purchased likes. It is essential to choose the top Instagram growth service because there is a risk involved.

It’s important to note that several Instagram growth services and the user accounts who purchased from them have been discontinued as a result of the enormous increase in fake likes. If the amount of traffic is exceptionally large, your account can be terminated.

The services that AudienceGain offers include:


Users of AudienceGain can purchase one of three packages: 1000 Instagram followers for $19, 5000 followers for $89, or 10,000 followers for $179.

a screenshot of audiencegain instagram followers offers

These packages claim to offer the following features:

  • Organic sales and growth
  • Getting profile visitors to follow you; providing 100–500 followers per day
  • A 100% dependable and secure service
  • Results are delivered within 24 hours
  • Delivery will continue until 100% of the package bought is received.


AudienceGain provides three packages for its comparable services: The prices are $19, $85, and $179 for bundles of 1,000, 5000, and 10,000 Instagram likes, respectively.

a screenshot of audiencegain instagram likes offers

The benefits of the Instagram likes package are briefly listed below. You’ll receive:

  • A strong response from the audience to your content (high engagement rates)
  • Organic expansion from “genuine” people
  • Up to 10,000 deliveries each day
  • Results are seen after just an hour.


For its automated likes services, AudienceGain provides a variety of packages, with prices ranging from $150 for 1000 Instagram automatic likes on 10 photos to $900 for 3000 automatic likes on 20 photos.

a screenshot of audiencegain automatic instagram likes offers

The following is a list of its automated likes service’s key attributes:

  • Utilize a 100% secure distribution method (they promise it is safe)
  •  to encourage users to interact with your content.
  • No drop in numbers
  • 10,000 likes or more every day
  • Results are visible after only 15 minutes.

Using AudienceGain

For the 8 platforms it supports, Audience Gain offers a variety of packages, each of which includes a certain amount of followers, likes, views, and other statistics.

Selecting a package and making an order is the first step. After you’ve made your decision, the AudienceGain staff will reportedly assess your account, content, audience, popularity, current followers, and interaction.

They claim that before they can submit a profile to the “strategic team,” they analyze your profile.

Each campaign is unique since each user is unique, according to their website. They guarantee to go through your profile and use the best social development approaches to produce a specially tailored strategy only for you.

Additionally, AudienceGain will develop a schedule that they must follow. They’ll monitor your growth to make sure it continues to proceed properly. While this all sounds amazing, we can’t blindly trust good marketing tactics; we need to learn from real users of AudienceGain. Below are reviews from customers of the service.

AudienceGain Customer Feedback

Sites like Trustpilot allow you to gain a broader perspective on a company’s services because on-site evaluations that are displayed on the official website of the business are either bought, false, or purposefully chosen to solely reflect the positive.

As can be seen from its Trustpilot customer evaluations, AudienceGain does not satisfy its users’ needs.

Trustpilot is flooded with unfavorable comments regarding this company. The final score of 1.6 out of 5 stars was quite low as a result.

a screenshot displaying their average rating on trustpilot

Take a look at some of the common reviews you’ll see on Trustpilot. 

a screenshot taken on audiencegain trustpilot page where an upset customer is accusing them of defrauding them
a screenshot taken on audiencegain trustpilot page where an angry customer is venting about their business practice

Here are a few common issues people have with AudienceGain:

  • The number of followers starts dropping off quickly (something that they claimed would not happen)
  • Low-grade supporters (not being real, interactive users tailored specifically to your account as the service claimed these followers would be)
  • When contacted, customer service wasn’t answering questions or offering solutions
  • Refunds that were “guaranteed” never actually happened.

AudienceGain Review: Is It Legit?

According to AudienceGain, excellent services are apparently provided for a variety of platforms, including Instagram. Their Trustpilot reviews, however, present a different image. Your profile won’t gain genuine engagement since, among other issues, some of the followers the service offers can be phony.

Is AudienceGain a legit service? While they are a low-cost solution with many payment options, the positive attributes pretty much stop there. We found the drawbacks of the service to far outweigh the positives.

NoneFinding the pages for social media services is difficult; a poor website's user experience is not promising
Terrible Trustpilot user feedback
On their website, there are false suggestions (or perhaps, reviews that present a very different picture than the bulk of the reviews on third-party review sites)
Inadequate client service that often don’t respond at all
Fails to provide reimbursements as promised

The internet is filled with a ton of social media growth services, some of which are not worth signing up for. Because the majority of customer experiences with this organization appear to be unfavorable, we do not advocate using their services for social networking platforms or even any of their other services.

Purchasing followers does not ensure authority, and it is a dangerous investment that necessitates your confidence in the service you decide to use. Approaching services like this with care is advised.

Written by Adisson Shae

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