Skweezer Review 2022: Is It Secured ? Are They Safe?

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Are you trying to increase your Instagram following in the most effective and safe way possible? Do you believe it is worthwhile to use an Instagram growth service? Social media marketing is a key component of many flourishing businesses. Using a third-party company like Skweezer may be a suitable answer if you’re struggling to increase your Instagram following and engagement.

Finding the best solution to increase brand awareness may be easier by taking advantage of a website like Skweezer. I’ll offer you a thorough Skweezer review so you can determine if it’s the best option for you.

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Skweezer Explained

If you cannot find the time to go over this detailed review, you will find a brief overview below. However, I do recommend you come back and take your time to read this review so you can grasp a better understanding of what Skweezer can do for you:

It offers instant interaction and following
Some of the followers may be removed from Instagram.
Give your Instagram account a fast boost
It is not suitable for long-term sustainable growth.
Reasonable costs
There is not a lot of information about their Instagram verification service.
Actual followers
Secure website
Your password is not requested
24/7 client assistance
Quick delivery

Skweezer is a social media growth company that offers a great Instagram tool solution for followers, real interaction, and automatic Instagram likes for Instagram accounts. Established in 2003, this third-party growth service has its headquarters in Hong Kong.

To increase their audience and get real interaction, they provide Instagram followers and views to their clients. What is their method? By displaying your account to individuals curious about watching that specific kind of content.

a screenshot of skweezer homepage

Skweezer appears to have a straightforward interface and style. As soon as you visit their web page, it is obvious what services they provide to clients and the results they can achieve. They display their 5-star rating and describe the many packages available to you, along with their delivery schedules.

They use examples to describe their actions and how they accomplish their goals. “Buy Instagram Followers,” “Buy Instagram Likes,” and “Buy Instagram Views” are all quite obvious in the top menu bar.

According to their profile, Skweezer appears to be rather upfront about the things they offer and how they deliver them.

However, do they genuinely provide what they promise to? I’ll talk about the platform’s specifics and its promises below.

How to Use Skweezer: A Quick Guide

Using their service is simple; I described every step you need to take to sign up for their services in detail.

  1. Visit
  2. The first thing you will see on the page is a brief description of their service and an orange button that reads “Get Started Today.”
  3. When you click “Get Started Today,” you’ll see to a page with a selection of packages.
  4. Choose the bundle that you want.
  5. We choose the bundle for followers. The website will take you to a new page that displays a variety of prices and Instagram followers. For each follower package the price will change if you pick the follower premium option.
  6. Select the bundle that you want.
  7. Add your payment method and basic information about yourself.
  8. You’ll immediately gain followers.

Skweezer: How Does It Work?

Skweezer uses simple rules; it offers you engaged, active followers, according to its website. The Hong Kong based company provides its clients with access to a large user base.

Users receive a cut of the revenue for repeat use.

Skweezer offers the following services:

  • Instagram Profile Verification 
  • Instagram Likes 
  • Instagram Followers
  • Instagram Views
  • Instagram Comments

The other things they offer are simple to grasp, but their profile verification service feels a little strange. How are they able to provide the blue tick for Instagram account verification? Since Instagram is the only one that determine that (requirements to claim you eligible for a blue tick). I still don’t fully understand how this feature works.

Skweezer’s Features

After briefly going over the features of Skweezer, I’ll go into further depth about each of its characteristics.

Automatic Instagram Likes

The Skweezer service offers quick likes on the pictures and videos you choose.

Get between 100 and 1000 likes on every post when you buy likes for 30 to 60 posts. It depends on your requirement and budget.

Remember that your likes come in rapidly, so you should purchase a few or spread them across several posts; this will help you avoid Instagram’s suspicion.

Instagram Followers

The company offers its clients active, engaged followers. Their goal is to show you to followers in your niche. The site pays such these targeted users to follow you.

Your posts will receive comments, likes, and views from real users. Though, the comments you want on your posts are completely up to you.

There are two options available on Skweezer for buying followers. “Premium” and “High-quality” followers. High-quality Instagram users have uploaded content to their accounts and have a profile bio picture. The most engaged followers are included in the Premium Instagram followers package.

Skweezer followers are an excellent place to start if you’re on a limited budget but need some followers to jump-start the adventure of your Instagram account.

Instagram Views For Videos and Stories

The Skweezer website offers several Instagram-related services, with views being one of them. View services are cheap; we’ll talk about the price later. Your posts and stories will receive from 100 to 150k views.

To avoid any suspicion, I recommend that you purchase views that correlate to your following.

Instagram Comments

You can get both personalized and random comments on your posts using Skweezer’s commenting tool.

Instagram Account Verification

The claim that they provide an Instagram blue tick service appears questionable. Also, I couldn’t find any evidence or explanation of how they will carry it out.

However, the website states that before providing the specified service, they will evaluate your account.

Reviews by Users

Without a doubt, legitimate client ratings are evidence of Skweezer reliability. I looked over the Trustpilot reviews for them.

a screenshot of skweezer Trustpilot reviews

You can use these reviews to decide if you think they are a good fit for your growth needs.

“Great platform to use if you want to grow your account from scratch.” – according to CryptexTV.

“I love this site because my followers automatically come within the timeframe 10/10 must recommend. This is Bigz btw.” says FNBIGZ.

You can find more honest client testimonials on their Skweezer Review’s Trustpilot page. The reviews come from ustomers who purchased their followers’ service. So I can say that it appears to be a legitimate platform with legitimate services.

Skweezer Packages and Prices

The platform offers many services, and you can select from a range of bundles for each service.

Buy Instagram Followers

a screenshot of skweezer followers prices

The cost of a high-quality follower package for 250 to 15k Instagram users runs from $2.49 to $54.99, accordingly. For 500 to 5k followers, its premium follower package prices range from $8.99 to $47.99.

Buy Instagram Likes

a screenshot of skweezer likes prices

The cost of a bundle of 50 to 100k Instagram likes goes from $0.99 to $174.99.

Buy Instagram Views

a screenshot of skweezer views prices

It depends on your need if you should buy views. Prices for The Skweezer views range from $0.9 for 100 to $139.99 for 150,000.

Buy Instagram Comments

Packages for comments range in price from $1.79 for 30 comments to $389.29 for 10,000 comments.

a screenshot of skweezer comments prices

It’s simple to select a package that meets your requirement for purchasing followers, likes, etc., thanks to the range of rates for each feature. You can also select a bundle that fits your budget.

Is it Safe to Use Skweezer?

If you accept the terms of service for the website, Skweezer is safe to use. You can immediately increase your Instagram followers and likes by using Skweezer. Using Skweezer to increase your Instagram followers and likes is secure and efficient.

Skweezer offers an HTTPS secure website, which guarantees that your data won’t be compromised. It is an easy-to-use platform that produces real results. Additionally, you do not need to enter any sensitive information on the site, including your Instagram password. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned about getting your account compromised.

Skweezer Review – In Conclusion

I have talked about every facet of their service. I’ll briefly go through the pros and cons of their service so that you can better grasp it.

It offers instant interaction and following
Some of the followers may be removed from Instagram.
Give your Instagram account a fast boost
It is not suitable for long-term sustainable growth.
Reasonable costs
There is not a lot of information about their Instagram verification service.
Actual followers
Secure website
Your password is not requested
24/7 client assistance
Quick delivery

After going through every service they provide and their Trustpilot review, I recommend Skweezer. Their service is legit except for the Instagram account verification, as there aren’t many positive reviews about it, and it is still quite unknown how it works.

The followers are real, and it does provide good engagement too.

It is a good service for you if you’re looking for a quick boost to your Instagram account. Although, I recommend you not to rely on such a service forever. Instead, try to provide quality content in your niche to keep growing on Instagram organically.

Written by Adisson Shae

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