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How This Makeup Artist Became an Instagram Influencer

James Charles with bubble gum

How can a regular Instagram user become a successful beauty influencer? There are tried-and-true strategies that Instagram influencers may employ to develop a sizable follower base and develop a well-known persona for a lucrative influencer lifestyle. We’ll discuss the methods and pointers that this influencer used to achieve success.

James Charles with bubble gum

Want to discover how this well-known beauty influencer got so successful? Are you committed to discovering innovative strategies to increase your Instagram following? When working on your own Instagram brand and business, you may take lessons from his experience and apply them to your benefit. 

Continue reading to discover more about James Charles and the illustration he uses in his prosperous Instagram account.

screenshot of jamescharles instagram page

James Charles is a significant Instagram influencer in the beauty industry with more than 22.7 million followers.

James’s Rise to Fame: A Timeline

2010 saw the launch of Instagram. Before social media, the primary platforms for entertainment and advertising for many years were television and the internet.

Instagram was originally used by users to post images of food, makeup, lifestyle, and lovely scenery in 2010.

Instagram has changed over time to become primarily a platform for influencers to grow their brands and have a positive impact on people’s lives. Influencers were able to transform their social position to a new platform as a result. 

How does that work? Your reputation with followers improves when you use Instagram frequently. In essence, more people will find your profile, follow it, and continue to be devoted fans the more individuals you have interacting with your material.

If you have huge, engaged audiences, this will increase your power over people, and brands will be more inclined to get in touch with you to work with you on projects.

There are Instagram websites and tools to utilize for anyone just getting started on Instagram who wants to increase interaction. An excellent example of a high-performing Instagram engagement tool is Skweezer. Additionally, people may use other platforms to enhance their social media management with applications like Hootsuite. We see these two platforms as among the best tools to boost your social media.

How He Entered Instagram

James Charles signed up for Instagram in 2015 as a makeup artist.

In Bethlehem, New York, American beauty influencer James launched a YouTube channel while working as a makeup artist. He joined Instagram in 2015 and became more well-known and famous than ever. To increase his Instagram following, he showcased his talents with makeup and beauty tips.

screenshot of jamescharles instagram post

He was named CoverGirl’s first male ambassador at age 17. Subsequently, one of the most well-known influencers and online superstars in makeup nowadays is James Charles. He is one of the richest social media stars of the present, with millions of followers, accolades, collaborations, and other achievements.

Early Development and Talent Recognition

On May 23, 1999, James Charles Dickinson was born in Bethlehem, New York. He completed his high school education in 2017 at Bethlehem Central. 

He shares, “I did get bullied a lot in high school, and I just disregarded it,” when questioned about his experience there.

Charles came out to his parents as gay at age 12. In response to questions about his gender identity, he responded, “I know who I am, and I’m okay with it, and that includes being a male. But I also enjoy using cosmetics. I always wear a full set of nails.”

James Charles headshot

Charles has been working as an independent hairdresser and makeup artist since being asked to do a friend’s cosmetics for a school dance. He began charging the local teen girls for his services after teaching himself how to apply cosmetics.

Using Instagram to Advance His Career

Instagram welcomed Charles in August 2015. Since then, he has posted pictures of his creations. Instagram was previously just thought of as a social networking site, and its users had no idea the tremendous influence it would eventually have on their lives.

His early Instagram followers joined to interact with his material and view his cosmetic masterpieces. Thanks to his brilliance and certain sometimes controversial creative ideas that were at the time more daring and fresh, he ascended to unparalleled heights of renown. 

He soon competed for a position among the most powerful individuals on social media.

His Instagram profile features a ton of vividly colored cosmetics, which has increased the number of interactions and followers. He also consistently posts, using a variety of material formats to keep his profile fresh and provide his fans with variety.

James Charles on covergirl

He was named CoverGirl’s first male brand ambassador in 2016 after a post about his makeup went viral.

His filmography is primarily made up of cameos in several television and web shows. He played the role of Jasper in Alone Together (2018). He also had cameos in The Secret World of Jeffree Star and Nikita Unfiltered.

Charles hosted, directed, and co-produced the reality competition program Instant Influencer in the year 2020. He has worked on a cosmetic line and an eyeshadow palette with Morphe Cosmetics.

James Charles Holding MakeUp Palette

Numerous awards, including two People’s Choice Awards, three Streamy Awards, one Shorty Award, and one Teen Choice Award, have been given to him for his social media work.

James Charles is one of the most well-liked beauty bloggers on the internet, with millions of followers and a lengthy list of notable collaborations.

How did he get such massive success on Instagram? Major Points

James’ tale serves as a fantastic illustration of how to actually be successful on this platform. He quickly rose to prominence on Instagram, and while some could argue that he was merely “lucky,” there’s no doubting that he has made some wise decisions and adopted a successful approach. To get some ideas for your profile, let’s examine how he did it.

  • He worked with several well-known makeup artists who had sizable fan bases.
  • Early on, he frequently shared content on Instagram, both as profile updates and stories.
  • He worked with well-known media outlets (Covergirl).
  • On TV series and YouTube channels, he made cameos.
  • He established himself as a “brand” as opposed to being simply another user on the app.

Additionally, he achieved his current position on Instagram by posting original and interesting material and updating his platform constantly.

His expertise is not just entertainment; it also provides people with useful information so they may attempt the fresh and inventive looks he created with cosmetics.

Want to Have James’ Instagram Lifestyle Influence Success?

Let’s go a bit more into how you may start from zero and develop into a lifestyle influencer or brand in light of Jame’s success.

Want to be an instagram lifestyle influencer

Choose a Niche

An excellent influencer is someone who has a lot of power in a relatively narrow market.

Instagram faces intense competition. If you lack specialized abilities and skills, get busy developing them right now!

It will be challenging to stand out in the crowded Instagram market if you don’t have anything unique, like James Charles’ early entry into the platform as a male beauty and fashion influencer (which was fairly novel at the time).

So how do you decide which market to enter? Think about the following:

  • What skills do I have? Do I possess abilities or skills in any particular fields?
  • What particularly interests you?
  • What might be different from how people typically post about particular niches? (For instance, how can someone in the gardening niche come up with a novel approach to discuss gardening?)

Edit the Content

Having photographic and videography skills is a must for Instagram. Instagram provides captions and filters. Learn how to capture quality photographs and videos and edit them to fit your branding for your niche’s target audience if you want to set yourself apart from other Instagram users.

A Pro Tip: It might be advantageous to hire a group of graphic designers and editors to manage the editing and branding of your material in the future, after you are more known. But because you’re just starting off, you’ll have to handle this on your own.

Publish Regularly

You must continuously upload material if you want to become a great Instagram influencer. Use a management tool to assist you in organizing and managing your articles so that you are not overburdened by the tedious task. This makes it easier for you to concentrate on generating the material rather than maintaining, organizing, and posting it all the time.

Build Your Fan Base

You are now prepared to start influencing people, but you know you need to get more Instagram followers. Start by following users in your area of expertise. Follow accounts in wider categories if you’ve selected a certain Instagram niche. Remember, it takes time and effort to grow your Instagram following.


  • Follow popular hashtags pertaining to your industry and niche
  • Engage with their content (comments, Dms, etc)
  • Start working together with other brands, influencers, and companies to gain access to their audiences
  • Partner with accounts of comparable size in your shoulder specialties
  • Make use of a service like Skweezer to increase your audience and interaction (we feel that this is one of the best tools to boost your social media).

It is clear that James Charles worked very hard to become the Influencer he is today. His commitment to content production, partnerships, and his now-iconic Covergirl appearance all contributed to his popularity.

His example and that of many other well-known Instagram influencers will serve as a constant source of motivation to keep you on track with building your account.

Written by Adisson Shae

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