Review of The Instagram Collaboration Tool Moonio: Is It Worth It?

moonio landing page

Moonio is a highly regarded platform for connecting companies and creators and setting up partnerships for influencer marketing. Find out how it functions, how to join, and if using this collaboration tool is worthwhile.

With 16.4 billion dollars in revenue in 2022, influencer marketing is a social media marketing strategy that is expanding. Influencer marketing entails well-known individuals recommending a good or service on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Finding well-known influencers to work with, however, is not that simple.

A new social networking site called Moonio has recently gained a lot of attention. And for good reason—it’s a platform that helps influencers and companies work together to create extraordinary results.

Let’s explore this website in our Moonio review, the newest and most efficient method for identifying influencers and establishing business relationships on Instagram.

Moonio Explained

The Moonio platform is used to find influencers and brands to partner with. Both companies and people can use the site without paying anything! Companies provide opportunities for collaboration depending on the goods, services, or experiences they offer. Influencers may then look through the different options and pick the ones they prefer before submitting content suggestions to the businesses. It’s that easy!

moonio landing page

Are you a creator looking to close your first Instagram collab? Maybe you’re a brand searching for the right partnerships with public figures to promote your product or service. Either way, Moonio is a great solution for you.

Is Moonio Free?

Brands and influencers may utilize Moonio without paying any hidden fees or membership costs. The only thing that you’d really need to pay for is the actual partnership payment (which could be a product offered to the influencers or actual cash for the promotion.

Both creators and companies can easily reach out to one another to pitch collaboration ideas on the site.

Moonio offers a platform for connecting directly with creators who are open to promotion, which is advantageous for companies, brands, agencies, and sales representatives. When looking at the different creators, you can view their profile, understand how their audience may suit your marketing needs, and make an informed decision from there.

On Moonio, there are three different kinds of partnerships: Product-only Partnerships, collaborations paid in addition to the product or service, and businesses looking for brand ambassadors.

Moonio For Brands

It’s easy to use Moonio as a brand. You’ll register and set up an account. The website will request your Instagram login and email address. To prevent fraud, Moonio then requests confirmation through email for your sign up.

moonio webpage screenshot
Source: Moonio

Once you’ve registered, you’ll finish your profile and your brand will be active on the platform. Here’s what your profile will contain on Moonio:

  • Add a header image and profile picture
  • Your location
  • Give an introduction of your brand
  • Your statistics on Instagram
  • A few tags that represent your brand.

After creating your brand profile, you can start taking applications for influencers and reaching out to them.

The steps you’ll take when writing a proposal:

  • Your opportunity’s name (typically, the product or service)
  • The location of the opportunity (if there is any physical location) 
  • The collaboration payment
  • The category for the product/service
  • What the opportunity requires
  • What qualities you want in an influencer

The last thing to do is to let influencers know if they will get compensated in cash, or get a free product/service/subscription. You’ll decide whether or not to incorporate fees in the cooperation because this is up to the brand’s discretion.

You will start to get bids from influencers once you finish this procedure. Using the chat option on Moonio, you can discuss price and other specifics before approving the influencer directly on the website.

Moonio For Content Creators

The platform provides tons of prospects for collaboration between companies and influencers. Let’s examine the steps you will follow as an influencer on the platform. Just like signing up as a brand, your email address and Instagram account verification are required.

moonio webpage creator page
Source: Moonio

There are, however, a few conditions you must meet to register as an influencer on the platform:

  • a public (not private) Instagram profile
  • 3000+ followers
  • Unique, original content on your profile
  • a high rate of engagement.

For brands to observe the activity on your page, you also publish your Instagram statistics and engagement rates at Moonio.

On your profile, businesses can see which other companies you’ve worked effectively with in the past. Find a brand and project you like, then submit a proposal. Make sure you confirm that you fulfill the brand’s requirements.

You may even ask for a charge when you submit your offer if the brand permits bids with fees. Just enter the USD price you want to charge for your materials. The collab is officially set after the brand has given you the go-ahead once you have discussed the opportunity together.

Our Moonio Review: Final Verdict

Moonio is a user-friendly, intuitive platform that makes it easier for you to locate the ideal influencers for your marketing efforts. Overall, we highly recommend this tool and think it is a great method to identify collaborations without having to actively search through Instagram.


  • Free of charge
  • Local brands and creators in your area can be found
  • Information provided about goods and services to ensure transparency
  • You know that the influencers/brands are eager to work together so approaching each other is much easier.


  • You must have a public Instagram account, not a private one
  • If you want to sign up as a creator, you need to have more than 3,000 followers.

Additional Influencer Marketing Tools

Moonio is unquestionably a fantastic tool for influencer marketing. The platform is completely free to use and features a simple user interface.

Other influencer marketing methods are also included below for your consideration.


The Upfluence app is a content marketing platform that makes it simple to produce and distribute top-notch content. You may analyze the performance of your content, identify influencers, and calculate your ROI with Upfluence.

Positives: Upfluence’s platform lets you pay influencers and give them things for evaluations or payment.

Cons: This program has a big drawback in that its search engine frequently returns inaccurate results. You may use a filter to look for influencers in a certain area and field, but the search results will still include influencers from other regions.


A useful analytics tool called TrendHERO can assess Instagram influencer accounts for more than 90 variables, such as follower quality, engagement, and ad return. The tool may be used by social media managers and marketers to find influencers who have engaged, relevant, and real following.

Positives: The tool offers excellent value for money, and its premium plan is particularly inexpensive.

Cons: The primary drawback of this approach is that it only uses data from Instagram influencers. Additionally, downloading and loading reports take a little time.


A social media marketing tool called Heepsy helps companies and agencies to find well-known influencers. It allows you to quickly find the influencers that are most suited to meet your demands. These influencers may be found on Tiktok, YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms.

Positives: If you’re new to influencer marketing, you’ll be up and running in no time, thanks to their platform’s simplicity of use.

Cons: You’ll have to email or direct message influencers because you can’t reach them through their site.

Aspire IQ

Businesses may find influencers with Aspire IQ and encourage them to collaborate. An all-in-one resource for everything related to influencer marketing. This suggests that you may use their system to look for, evaluate, and carry out an influencer campaign.

Positives: The ability to control sales and distribute gifts to influencers is the main advantage of linking your Shopify account with your Aspire lQ account.

Cons: The onboarding process, which must be finished for those influencers who are not listed, is the major negative. Finding the Aspire IQ login may be difficult and the process is lengthy.


Moonio is a straightforward, entirely free platform that enables businesses and influencers to connect, interact, and close transactions. It is an influencer marketing platform that enables you to communicate with social media influencers and monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

You can quickly identify the ideal influencers for your company on Moonio, and influencers may effortlessly collaborate with the brand of their choice.

To begin your first Instagram collab, sign up for a free Moonio account now.

Written by Adisson Shae

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