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DigiSMM Review
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DigiSMM, which advertises itself as a useful Instagram growth service, is getting attention, albeit for no good cause. They claim to help you grow your Instagram, but have also been labeled by users to be a scam website. So, what’s true? Are they actually safe or just a scam?

This DigiSMM review will help you shape a clear opinion about them. Also, you should thoroughly look at the good and bad of each service when it comes to social media tools and websites, especially those that assist you to expand your Instagram following. Without a complete grasp of the efficacy of these services and their potential worth, you can be making decisions that damage your brand or delay your growth.

When it comes to social media boosting tools, you should thoroughly research the website and understand how it functions. To get a well-rounded judgment of the service, you should also take into account user reviews and comments.

This is not typical from me, but I found a reputable website that does the same things as DigiSMM, but better.

One company that I've used several time is Skweezer. It is also an Instagram growth tool, like DigiSMM, but unlike DigiSMM, they are safe, trustworthy, and easy to sign up for. It offers services like getting active and real Instagram followers, likes, views, and comments. You can find out about them in this unfiltered Skweezer Review and check for yourself that what I said is true.

To offer you a high-level understanding of DigiSMM’s services and work out whether it is worthwhile to use, we’ve looked into it in depth.

Ultimately, DigiSMM isn’t the ideal website for giving your Instagram the boost you want. We’ll explain why and provide you with what to use instead.

However, if you only want to hear about services that are regularly used by everyone, I have put together a list of websites that have excellent ratings:

Growth ServiceAverage RatingPrice
Skweezer4.76Check Price
GramFuel4.3Check Price
HOOTVIEW4.1Check Price
Tableview4.0Check Price

DigiSMM Explained

DigiSMM is a tool that assists you in boosting various Instagram features like Instagram followers, likes, comments, and views, just like every other website that assists in Instagram growth. The ultimate reason you’re even thinking about using technologies like DigiSMM is to further your brand-growth objectives.

However, there are numerous businesses and websites that offer this type of growth service, making it difficult for you to select one.

What sets DigiSMM apart? Simply put, not much.

Can You Trust DigiSMM?

When using any website’s services, the terms “reliable” and “safe” are crucial. Given the inherent dangers associated with using social media growth tools, you understandably want to be sure that the service you’re receiving is legitimate.

According to our study, when you pay for additional followers on DigiSMM, those “followers” start to disappear after a few days. Although this is true for many Instagram growth services, the evaluations we’ve seen indicate that a significant number of followers actually disappear.

Also, keep in mind that you can get a refund because the number of followers will decrease once your window to receive a refund has passed.

Here’s the kicker – DigiSMM had a very poor rating of 21 out of 100 on the Scamadviser Trustscore website. What do you think of a site with a Trustscore of just 21?

You would undoubtedly claim that the website is unreliable. If you look at other review sites that state the opposite, it becomes much more perplexing – check the image below.

a screenshot of an standard grading of digiSMM on scamadviser website

Some users of the website have had positive experiences. Reviews are only considered valuable, though, when the positive ones outnumber the bad ones.

It’s common for followers to disappear over time, as we have explained in this post. However, the speed at which this occurs with DigiSMM and the number of followers that dwindle are disappointing, especially for a service you paid for.

NatCity, a DigiSMM customer, wrote the following on the Trustpilot Review website:

I bought 1k followers just to test everything out. Yes, the followers were awarded immediately, but then the amount of followers I had began to drop that same exact day. If I were you, I wouldn’t waste your time and money on this because it’s a complete scam !!!

How Does DigiSMM Work?

Although DigiSMM’s operation is straightforward, their real website’s layout and functionality are rather complex and confusing. For prospective clients to have to traverse it and even develop faith that they can provide the necessary quality is not a fantastic first impression.

You can quickly locate their website and get to their homepage by going to (you can also simply Google “DigiSMM”).

a screenshot of DigiSMM landing page

The services are shown on the top menu bar (Followers, Likes, Views, Comments, Auto Likes).

On the front page of their website, the way they work is described as follows:

Choose a bundle

You’ll choose the appropriate package from the menu bar alternatives listed above to achieve your objectives.

Enter detail

According to the website, they don’t want private information like your Instagram login details. You must still provide your Instagram account, email address, and payment details.

Await the outcome

Wait for the website to do its magic and deliver the results.

So, does it deliver? In order to really assess its efficacy, we chose to put it to the test ourselves.

Since they advertise quick delivery, it was a little disheartening to have to wait about thirty minutes before receiving our purchase of 50 Instagram likes. In her personal experience, Samantha from MediaGravity likewise notes the sluggish delivery. His posts about websites like DigiSMM that are scams, and we’re sorry to announce that DigiSMM didn’t make the cut.

As per his review article:

Honestly, we can tell you right now that DigiSMM is nothing more than an Instagram scam.

They claim to be legit, but they’re just trying to sell you fake engagement.

Alternative to DigiSMM

When selecting your Instagram growth service, it is essential to look for a service that offers dependability and security.

You shouldn’t register with a website whose drawbacks exceed its advantages. Unfortunately, there are much more drawbacks to DigiSMM services than there are advantages.

In fact, during our analysis, we were able to identify just one benefit.

The website is safely hosted (HTTPS)There is no free trial available
Almost everywhere you look, you’ll find bad customer reviews
They give fake engagements on Instagram (which can lead to Instagram disabling your account)
Disappointing support for customer service

Look at the Trustpilot Review site to see what clients have to say about DigiSMM. You’ll see complaints that users paid a lot of money and received little to no interaction or followers, or that they paid a lot and got half or even less of what they paid for when the followers rapidly left.

A screen capture of a negative review left on Trustpilot by an angry DigiSMM customer

So, what’s an alternative to this Instagram growth service?

DigiSMM Review: Our Conclusion

We’ve already told you about the pros and cons of DigiSMM. When you read customer reviews and assess what we’ve said about other sites like Skweezer, it’s clear that you should stay away from DigiSMM.

There are a lot of websites that are much more trustworthy than DigiSMM. At its most basic level, we agree with other reviewers on this site that you shouldn’t use DigiSMM if you want your Instagram to grow in a safe way.

You should know by now to stay away from DigiSMM. You don’t have to take our word for it. On the Trustpilot Review page, you can see what other customers have to say.

Written by Adisson Shae

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